OMF Serenity vs Serenity Plush?

The wife and I are looking for a new mattress after 13 years on a Sleepy’s MySide 6 Red/Blue. It feel like I’ve been sleeping in pothole for the last several years, and it’s time for a change. I wouldn’t buy from Sleepys/Mattress Firm again unless I have to.

We went to Original Mattress Factory and have narrowed the choice down to the Serenity and the Serenity Plush. I love the plush, she loves the original Serenity. I cannot deal with how hard the Serenity is, and I get that aaaahh feeling from the Serenity Plush. How do I move forward?

Should we each get our own twin? And put them, together? I don’t necessarily like that idea.

Are there better options?

Please help…

Get the firner one and then add a latex topper to soften it. Or just get split king. Realize that a twin will be firmer than a king.


Hi MagicCityMike.

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Is a split king an option? It sounds like you have differing support needs and a split option would be ideal in this situation.

If not, two twins isn’t as uncommon as you’d think! BillyIdol’s recommendation of adding a topper to your side is also an easy and affordable way to address the issue.


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As much as we are both resisting a split king, we are finding it very difficult to agree on a single mattress. The closest we have come is a Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt 12" Medium Hybrid. My wife wasn’t sold, so we may end up with split king from OMF–One Serenity and One Serenity Plush.

What do people do about the gap between the mattresses?

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For the gap……Ive seen a gap filler.

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Like Billy mentioned, there are products to fill the gap! Some people find a snug fitting mattress cover is enough, others will look for a topper or gap filler.

In a split king where the foam is in a single encasement, you shouldn’t experience much of a gap.



Thank you both for your help and feedback. We ultimately went with the single King Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Medium Hybrid, and adjustable base after trying at a couple of stores. It is being delivered today. I really appreciate your insight, and all of the information available here.

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Good luck with it and use it in good health!


Tempurpedic rocks!!! Good luck!!!