I’m so overwhelmed & confused!
For quite sometime but over time, I have done some research & read reviews about king sized memory foam & gel mattresses. SMH…It’s all too much.
I went to Ashley Furniture & spent half the day there, spending the recommended 15 minutes on each bed, switching sleeping positions. I didn’t really like the TempurPedics but I thought the Ashley brand was a better choice for me but I couldn’t find the right fit. I did however like the ComforPedic Balanced Days Deluxe Soft.
#1 - I am a side (flip flopper) sleeper with minimal back (very short periods) sleeping
#2 - I have lower back problems from previous horse injuries
#3 - My spine is curved
#4 - Hips always hurt
#5 - I’m over 40

I’m hesitant…$2500 hesitant & I keep thinking about all the talk regarding the Ultimate Dreams 13" for about $970…
So my questions are…
Does anyone know of a comparable to the Balanced Days?
Is the Ultimate Dream comparable?
Do I keep looking & try other brands?

Thank you in advance!

Hi SoCalGirl,

The first place I would start is post #1 here which has the basic information, steps,and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices. It will also help you avoid the worst ones such as Simmons mattresses or any other manufacturer which either uses low quality materials or doesn’t disclose the quality of their materials at all.

As you can see in post #2 here … there are too many variables, unknowns, and individual preferences to use any other people’s experience on a mattress as a way to compare them and there is no formula that can predict how someone else will feel on a mattress. You can also read a little more in post #2 here about matching one mattress to another but in most cases the only way would be with side to side testing where you could use your own criteria and experience to compare them. In the case of the Balanced Days … Simmons doesn’t disclose the quality of the materials in their mattresses so you also won’t be able to make any meaningful quality or value comparisons with other mattresses and I would avoid any blind purchase completely. You can’t “feel” the quality of a mattress but lower quality materials will soften and break down much more quickly than higher density/quality materials so the “showroom feel” that you purchase won’t last nearly as long before the mattress softens or begins to break down.

Once you get to step 3 … if you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know of any better options or possibilities in your area I’m aware of. Of course it’s always well worth talking with some of the better online manufacturers like Dreamfoam who provide much higher quality and value than would be available in some areas of the country and with some of their mattresses may also be able to provide you with insights about local mattresses that may compare with their own. Usually a manufacturer will use Tempurpedic as a reference for their memory foam mattresses because they are so well known and widely available so if you test the Tempurpedic line for the model that feels closest to you to the Balanced Days then that would give you a good reference point when you are talking with online manufacturers.