Is your sculpted latex topper Dunlop or Talalay? Also, what is the ILD?

It’s Dunlop, I have it, it’s very comfortable.

Can’t remember the ild but it’s it’s very soft and the feel reminds me a little bit more of talalay even though its dunlop. I guess cozypure can chime in on the ild, maybe around 14?

THX! :slight_smile:

Still got your combi-zone? I decided to go back to the Quantum 8" Edge Elite Pocketed Coil. Now I’m stuck with a queen size pocketed coil in my garage. A little tuff to sell online. I want to sell it for less than half the price I paid BUT I don’t want to ship it (for obvious reasons). I have have it on Craig’s List for now but nobody’s been interested so far. Oh well, the price of DIY trial and error.

“Oh well, the price of DIY trial and error.”

Yeah, I ended up giving my combi-zone away & I also still have the quantum edge elite 8" !

Hi there Spoonman01,

Sorry for the delay, our workshop and office has been closed since Christmas Eve, December 24, but we’re returning tomorrow January 4th. Thanks for reaching out and Happy New Year to you!

Our Omni Sculpted Latex Topper is GOLS-certified Organic Latex, which can ONLY be Dunlop (talalay is not organic) - so THANK YOU for pointing out that many people don’t realize this… we’ll adjust our description to help others in the future :slight_smile:

We don’t use ILD as indicators, we use density in our formulations. With this topper, we actually go up a few densities so it’s “firm” enough to cut into peaks which then makes it “softer” than typical dunlop, to create a similar “feel” of a talalay topper.

Hope that helps! If you need further assistance, please give us a call Mon - Friday 10am - 6pm eastern time. 800-229-7571

Hi Mr yabo!
Thanks for answering while we were closed! Sooooo thrilled you like your topper :slight_smile:


[quote=“CozyPure” post=86800]Hi Mr yabo!
Thanks for answering while we were closed! Sooooo thrilled you like your topper :)[/quote]


Hello Yabo!

I’m still considering getting the Omni topper.
Do you mind if I ask what your bed layout is? I know you’ve mentioned it before but that was when you were experimenting with the combi-zoned coils.
I’d really appreciate it.

Spoonman01, last night I tried hickory springs zoned nano coils over my Naturepedic microcoil mattress under the intellibed topper. It’s pretty interesting and I actually found it comfortable. I’m gonna keep experimenting though. It really is fun for me☺ The zoned nano coils are really interesting, they are called middle/edge firmer nano coils. You can find them on hickory springs website. They have quite a variety of height/ firmness/ configuration nano coils but they will only sell in bulk. The ones I have are 1" thick each with I believe 17 gauge nano coils through the center 1/3 and around the perimeter with 19 gauge nano coils everywhere else. It’s pretty cool when you compress the spring between your pointer finger & thumb you can definitely feel the difference in firmness. I put the intellibed topper on top of the naturepedic bc the intellibed topper is 38 wide by 84 inches long, (it was a cal king that i customized to fit one of my twin xls on adjustable bases). I dont feel the shortness of my naturepedic this way. I actually have plenty of legroom now. Next I want to try the cozy pure onmi sculpted topper over the naturepedic microcoils or over the zoned nano coils or both!

You know what else is funny Spoonman01, while i personally did not like the combi-zone 8" support coils i do like the zoned nano coils as it is a little more of a suttle feel but fits my needs.

Thanks so much for taking time to tell me. Please keep me updated as you go through your experimentation.

Also, your Omni Sculpted Latex Topper is a non-returnable item too, correct?

Your welcome and yes the omni topper doesnt have a trial period.

Where can one buy these zoned nanocoils? :woohoo:

Has either of you purchased the Omni topper yet?