One Chance At This

I have, hopefully, a unique situation when looking for a bed. I have a terminal illness and my needs are different than most peoples. I am 6’3" and now approximately 110 lbs. I am looking for a twin size bed that will eventually be more than a bed for basic sleeping. As time goes by, I will be spending more time in the bed than outside of bed.

I recently started the search process - and found that the icomfort revolution felt the best but I realize a 15 minute test is hardly the best method of finding what will ultimately be best for my situation. The adjustable bed I think would be very useful in my situation. As warranty and trying to find a long lasting bed is concerned - this isn’t a big selling point in my mind.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should be looking for based on my situation. I am a side and back sleeper and a softer mattress seems to be best.

There is a local mattress company in Milwaukee - Verlo - but I haven’t been to their store. I am physically unable to do a lot of store to store shopping.

Any suggestions would be incredibly appreciated!


Hi Jim,

In your case I would certainly try to work with a local independent manufacturer who can work closely with you to help you determine the mattress and material that is best for your needs. I would also recommend that you look at soft latex in the comfort layers in addition to memory foam as they are very equivalent in pressure relief but latex is more breathable and cooler and may work better for you in terms of support and overall feel. Part of this is of course a personal preference issue as they do feel different. With latex you are more “on” the mattress while with memory foam you are more “in” the mattress. Latex is also more resilient which means it is easier to move and change positions when you are on the mattress. Both are highly flexible and suitable for an adjustable bed although latex is more durable and won’t develop “soft spots” nearly as easily as memory foam.

There is an independent manufacturer within reasonable driving distance that I would particularly recommend as I can vouch for their knowledge and integrity after having talked at length with them (and invited them to become members here). They are … Ryan is the owner here

While I realize that neither of these are exactly local … the driving time IMO would be well worth it as it is unlikely that you will need to go anywhere else to find both the best value but more importantly in your case the knowledge and help that will help you decide what materials and construction is best for your circumstances.

I would call each of them ahead of time and talk with them to explain your circumstances and this will help you get a feel for what they offer that would be suitable and then take the drive to actually test their mattresses at one or both. Its unlikely that you would need to go anywhere else.

While Verlo is also a regional manufacturer that offers good value … they are each independently owned stores with varying levels of knowledge. I often recommend them but in your case … considering there are two independent manufacturers who have both been in the mattress industry for a long time and are “mattress people” I would certainly recommend either or both of these over Verlo.

BTW … I also purchased an adjustable bed … although it was more for reading and watching movies in bed etc … and the best value that I have seen for the more common brands (Reverie, Ergomotion, and Leggett & Platt) was here . I dealt with Daniel there but found that all their reps were very helpful. I personally purchased the Reverie Deluxe (same manufacturer as Tempurpedic uses) as for me they represented the best value. This will give you a reference point in terms of pricing. One of the “benefits” of the Reverie is that the head raises to a higher angle (70 degrees) than the other two. I think in your circumstances that an adjustable bed would be very valuable.

Hope this helps and feel free to post if you have any other questions.


Hi again Jim,

I thought I would add to my last reply in case a longer trip is not possible for you.

I spoke with Michael at who is also an independent family run and factory direct mattress manufacturer. I was impressed with the information he shared with me and with the choices they have available in their latex mattresses. They have various “standard” mattresses but can customize them as well in term of layer thickness and ILD in the layers to suit any particular individual or circumstance. They use Talalay latex in their mattresses.

There is always a family member at their downtown store and their greenfield store and they would provide you with excellent advice that can be trusted. While they don’t carry or manufacture memory foam mattresses (they too believe latex in the correct layering is a much superior material) … they would be a great resource and provide you with good information and advice.

Between these three … it would be highly unlikely that you would need to look elsewhere to find either a mattress that would suit your specific circumstances or find your best value and advice in or near milwaukee.

Hope this helps.