One sided versus two sided mattress

First I want to thank you Phoenix for such a great site. I have a question does any one know if two sided mattress will last longer than one sided. Pros and Cons.



Hi annie54,

In general yes … if a two sided mattress uses the same materials and it is regularly flipped it will last longer than the equivalent one sided mattress. Of course a one sided mattress that uses more durable materials such as latex can last longer than a two sided mattress that uses much less durable materials.

The advantage of a two sided mattress is of course durability (each side is used less) and it will even out the wear and give the upper layers on each side a chance to “recover”.

The disadvantage is cost (it’s more expensive to add a comfort layer and finish a mattress on both sides) and a one sided mattress can also use certain designs and layering schemes that are not either possible or practical with a two sided version. A two sided mattress generally needs to use thinner comfort layers because if they are too thick then the soft layers on the other side at the bottom can affect support.

In general … it’s always a very good idea to have a two sided mattress if lower quality foams are used because they will last longer. With higher quality more durable foams that already last a very long time … then there is still a durability advantage with a two sided mattress (as long as it is maintained) but it also restricts the layering possibilities to some degree.


Thank you Phoenix for all your knowledge you have been of great help.