One year later: Finally bought a latex mattress from Sleep EZ!

After several months of research, trying to justify spending the money and lots of great help from reading this excellent forum I made the leap and bought a Natural 10000 from Sleep EZ today!

Shawn was really great on the phone and gave me a recommendation based on my stats: 125 lb and 5’5", starting the night on my side and waking up on my back with some lower back pain. I’ve been sleeping on a 12 year old plush innerspring mattress with a 2" foam topper and it’s just not working anymore with a giant divot in the middle. He actually steered me away from the more expensive organic latex and said only to get that if I cared about it being a blend or the organic label.

In about a week I’ll be getting my talalay blend S/M/F mattress plus I got the 5% discount. He warned me that I should sleep on it for 30 days before making a decision about the layers since it takes a while for the body to adjust after sleeping on the same bed for so long.

I also got a super deal on one of the wire foundations mentioned in the foundation thread on Amazon with free shipping with Prime.

Thanks for the great forum and advice, Phoenix!

Hi DrButterscotch,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

You certainly made a great choice and I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences when the mattress arrives and you’ve had a chance to sleep on it.


I received my mattress from Sleep EZ about two weeks ago. I’ve been sleeping on it just over a week due to various issues with guest sleeping arrangements and moving. My old mattress was in horrible shape and really hurt my back which is less than ideal when one is having severe sciatica.

I’m REALLY happy with this purchase. Just how unlikely it is to start sagging in a couple years alone made it worth the price for me. To address a few things I know people are concerned about:

Scent: A very light cake batter scent out of the box, but honestly the free shredded latex pillows are much stronger in scent. It is not strong or unpleasant and does not bother me at all.

Assembly: Shockingly easy! I have 3 3" Talalay blend layers in S/M/F in Queen size with no split. It could probably be assembled by one moderately strong, healthy person in a pinch and it was downright easy for two.

Temperature: I do not find this mattress to sleep significantly hotter than a regular innerspring mattress. I’m using 100% cotton sheets over the mattress cover it comes with (cotton/wool).

Bounciness/ease of movement: It is kind of springy, but not excessively so. It’s kind of nice and I don’t feel like I’m stuck in quicksand like a Tempur-Pedic I slept on at a hotel. Changing positions is easy even with a lower back strain injury. I had to share the bed with my mother for over a week and she could hardly feel me moving when I was having a lot of pain one night.

Firmness: I was very concerned about the top layer being too soft from reading many descriptions and reviews. I’m primarily a side sleeper, but I do sleep on my stomach when experiencing lower back pain. The soft Talalay blend cradles my body without sinking in a lot. It’s firmer than I expected. I would say from my experience if you’re relatively light (I’m 5’5" and 125 lb) and prefer a softer to medium mattress over firm then err on the side of softer latex.

Foundation: I have a wire foundation that I got for a very reasonable price from Amazon with free Prime shipping. It makes the whole bed lower than a regular bed with box spring and I find I like that. It’s also easier for my old, arthritic cat to get up on easily.

I didn’t think I cared about the free pillows, but they are AWESOME!!! I had been sleeping on a polyfoam contour pillow for years and couldn’t stand the sinking feeling of feather pillows or the flatness of regular pillows. These shredded latex pillows have a perfect balance of support and cushioning without creating a divot in the middle like feather pillows. My mom tried to steal one from me she liked them so much (I think I’ll be getting her one for her birthday!).

My only real complaint was one box weighed over 100 lbs. Thankfully it was delivered right to my door and I was able to just flip the box over into the apartment and slide it across the carpet.

Hi DrButterscotch,

Thanks for a great and exceptionally informative review :slight_smile:

I think it will help a lot of people that are thinking about going in the same direction you did and have some of the questions that you addressed so well.

I certainly appreciate you taking the time to come back and let us know your feedback.


I’ve been sleeping on the mattress by myself for over two months now and I figured I’d give another update on my previous post:

Scent: Disappeared, or at least I don’t notice it at all. The pillows still have a light scent, but nothing all that strong and will dissipate in time. Not chemically in the least.

Temperature: No problem with being too warm so far.

Bounciness/ease of movement: Still wonderful and I’m completely used to the slight springiness. I LOVE that I don’t get “stuck” like in memory foam since I do move a lot when trying to fall asleep. I used to sleep on the edge of my innerspring mattress to sleep “uphill” since any traditional mattress has a firmer edge than center, but I have gradually begun sleeping in the middle of my queen mattress VERY happily! The edge of the latex is only a slight increase in firmness and I find myself able to move into any position comfortable for my back that night without difficulty and with enough cradling, including my side, back and flat on my stomach. I wake up significantly more in the same position I started.

Firmness: The mattress has softened a bit, but just enough to feel more cradling. Be aware that the firmness feels different to me between lying on the mattress cover directly vs. one layer of quality soft cotton fitted sheet. It doesn’t make sense, but I I do perceive a slight increase in firmness/less cradling. When my lower back was very painful I rolled up a small fleece throw and put it under my waist for a little extra support and it helped a lot.

Foundation: Still stable and comfortable.

Shredded latex pillows: LOVE LOVE LOVE! I was having serious problems with sciatic nerve sensitivity from sitting as it crossed my seatbone. I started sitting on one of the pillows when I couldn’t lie down and it was fantastic pressure relief. I also adore the other one I use as a regular bed pillow since it’s so conformable to whatever my needs. I did buy one for my mom for her birthday and she loves it as well.

Service: I mentioned previously that one of the boxes I received was twice the expected weight. I also had one small snafu ordering my mom’s present online. Since my parents live 1000 miles from me I put my dad’s name and address in the “ship to” area of the form and requested an unmarked box if they had one since it was a gift in the comments section. When I got my order confirmation it was correct. However, the shipping notification said it was going to my state! They were great and called me as soon as they noticed they missed a call from me to their 800 number and the issue was solved (mostly). My dad called when he got the box and said that the box wasn’t printed, but it my name and the box contents were written on two sides of it. Really not that big a deal, but would have ruined the surprise if he hadn’t gotten home first. Shipping was fast and included in the price.

Bottom line: LOVE the bed and would definitely recommend as worth the price! I feel it has allowed me to heal my injured back rather than make it worse like my previous bed.

I’m glad I saw your post! We just bought a latex bed from SleepEz today. I’m excited, but nervous hoping that we’ll love it. Your informative review and updates are making me feel good about our purchase!

We also got the S/M/F configuration from SleepEZ but opted for all-natural Dunlop in the bottom layers and Talalay for the top. We absolutely love it. Like you, I feel this bed almost fixes my back problems, unlike making them worse like our former memory foam mattress. Love the latex pillows too! We have the solid pillows, not shredded, but they’re everything you always hoped a polyfill pillow would be, but never was. Don’t you love how the bed feels just as soft in the morning as when you first lie down? Can you tell I’m now a latex fan? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s been over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. My back feels great when I wake up, I sleep all over the bed without a problem (as opposed to clawing my way out of a sinkhole in the middle) and it’s not hot at all.

There’s no odor, no sinking, and the firmness only softened a little over time. I can tell which side of the bed I usually sleep on, but it’s not an uncomfortable difference.

I really can’t say enough good things about the mattress. The pillows have reduced in loft over a year, but are still favorites by far. My mom and dad both own one now since my dad was stealing my mom’s!

The biggest downside would be the initial cost which isn’t bad compared to a quality innerspring mattress. I consider it an investment in rest.

Hi DrButterscotch,

Thanks for the 1 year update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s not often that someone comes back after that long to share their longer term experiences!