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Hi, noobie here. Add me to the list of finding this site from researching the iComfort. We liked this mattress alot in the store and I wanted to learn more about it, but that is not what my question is about.

I really went into the local retailer to look at the Tempurpedics and see the adjustable bed features. I found a site online out of NJ that claims to be TP clones. I’m wondering if sites like this really deliver on what they promise. They do have great prices on the Legg-Platt Adjustables, so one option is to just buy the base from them and get mattresses elsewhere. They also sell on ebay and have great feedback, but I think most of their sales are over the phone.

Here’s a link to the mattress I was looking at.

Does this look like a good deal? Or should I be cautious?

Hi Funky,

I seriously doubt that Atlantic beds uses American memory foam with the specs they advertise. I called them and they didn’t know who manufactured their foam and said “they would call the manufacturer and call me back”. It sounds to me that the mattresses themselves are made in the US (not by Atlantic) but that the foam is probably not. I have seen them before (both on ebay and their online site) and their latex mattresses do not compete in value with independent factory direct manufacturers so I doubt that their memory foam mattresses would either. It may not be the actual densities they are advertising either as they are clearly using “Tempurpedic numbers” as a marketing ploy. I stand to be corrected however if they provide transparent information about their mattresses but until then … you would do well to be very cautious.

In general terms … I would never buy a memory foam mattress of any kind unless

  1. I knew that the foams were manufactured in North America or were CertiPur certified.

  2. I knew the actual density of the memory foam they were using.

  3. I knew the density of the polyfoam used in the support layers under the memory foam.

In general … I believe that there is much better value in purchasing any mattress from an independent factory direct manufacturer or from a sleep shop which is a “retail direct” outlet for a manufacturer.

In terms of position adjustable bases … the best value I have seen is from here . The Reverie Deluxe is what I purchased (from them) as I believe it is the best value followed by the Ergomotion followed by the L & P. Reverie manufacturers the Tempurpedic adjustable bases. I dealt with Daniel there although all of them are very knowledgeable and helpful. The only time you may get similar value is if you buy an adjustable base and mattress from the same outlet and they are willing to give you a discount off their regular prices for buying both.

Hope this helps


Thanks for response Phoenix :slight_smile:

I wlil probably be getting one of the Reverie Deluxes. That’s a great deal. Its also nice that it has the best satisfaction rates too.

One other question. I notice that you like the Sleep EZ latex beds. Their memory foam seems to be a good value also, with the 3 " of 5.5 lb Sensus. Any thoughts on that?

Hi Funky,

SleepEz … like the other manufacturers I invited to be part of this site … are among the highest quality and value manufacturers in North America in terms of service, quality, and value.

Sensus memory foam (and the foams made by Foamex in general) is among the highest quality memory foams, and are certified by Certi-Pur. 5.5 lb density is what I consider to be high quality memory foam when it is produced by a good foam manufacturer.

The Sensus is slightly less breathable than the Foamex Aerus foam and has a slightly slower response rate (more memory) however for those who don’t tend to sleep hot and who like sleeping on quality memory foam … it is a great choice and certainly great value.

The upgrade to a quilted wool cover would reduce the response of the memory foam sightly but would be more breathable and cooler for those who want memory foam but have “hot” tendencies and are looking for memory foam in a comfort layer.


So far Sleepez has been good to deal with. A little concerned about ordering online. We just ordered it this morning. Let you know how it goes.

Hi tvg,

I switched your post to a new topic of its own so it wouldn’t get mixed in to a topic about another manufacturer/retailer.

As you know I think very highly of SleepEZ and you certainly made a great quality/value choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to any comments and feedback you have the chance to share when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.