opinion of two foundations?

Sorry if this has been answered – I can’t find it.

I’ve narrowed down my mattress choice (latex, fairly “giving” for side sleep) to Brooklyn Bedding or SleepEZ.

BB offers a metal wire foundation, and SEZ offers something that looks more like a traditional box spring, but has no springs.

Is one better than the other, as far as supporting the mattress and maintaining its durability?

Hi powerdog,

The foundation thread here has more about the different types of foundations and which ones are most suitable for different types of mattresses.

If your mattress is “all latex” and has no polyfoam on the bottom then I personally would tend to choose a slatted wood foundation where the slats had gaps of 3" or less (there are several options listed that are suitable), especially compared to a wire grid type without a thicker cover that can even out the support for the latex. If your mattress has a polyfoam base … then a lower cost wire grid foundation would be fine.