Opinions about Divine Bedrooms

Hi guys. I want to change to a memory foam mattress but not certain where to get one. Has anybody tried those in the past??
I was thinking about purchasing one from Divine Bedrooms, I need something high quality but not too pricey.

Delivery took a while though so don’t throw your old one out before it arrives :unsure:
Got one and I’m pleased. I haven’t had neck problems since, so I think it’s good quality.

I was originally going to delete the first two messages here since they are clearly spam and shilling for this company (just like they have in many other places over the internet).

On second thought though I thought I’d leave it up as a warning for anyone who comes across them to make sure they avoid them. If you have any doubts … just try to call the company at the contact number listed on the site (which is directory assistance). A few more clicks around the site will confirm that they are only there to trap the unwary.

I could do a more thorough analysis but there wouldn’t be any point. This is a company to stay away from.