Opinions on a couple hybrid mattress options in BC?

I’m considering a couple of queen mattresses available in the Vancouver area. Both are hybrids – latex over pocket coils. I would be curious to hear of any experience or opinions on their relative merits…

  1. Restore Pocket Coil, from Majestic Sit and Sleep
    link: https://tinyurl.com/y8ka8hf9

    quilting layer is wool
    Comfort Layer: 2" of GOLS Organic Dunlop (20 ILD or 30 ILD)
    Innerspring: Leggatt & Platt Quantum Edge Elite Combi-Zone Pocket Coils
    (1130 coils in the Queen, link: https://tinyurl.com/y99ffswb )
    Base Layer: 2" 1.8lb High Compression BioFoam (60 ILD)
    This mattress would have a 120 day option for exchange the latex for different firmness, and firmness could also be split between the 2 sides.

  2. Espressia Restwell mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery
    This is a more traditional mattress store, so no info on the web – this is all verbal:

    quilting layer is a silk/wool blend, with some gel foam for cooling and to add plushness
    comfort layer: 2 1/4 " 100% natural Talalay latex
    medium firm layer of foam between the latex and the innerspring (unknown thickness)
    Innerspring: 1044 pocket coils, with a solid metal rod to reinforce the perimeter, no zoning.
    base layer of firm foam (unknown thickness)
    All the foam layers are CertiPur certified.
    This is a pretty comfortable mattress in the showroom, but has no real options to customize or adjust it (other than exchanging the whole thing.)

Thanks for your thoughts,

Since the Restore mattress is a close copy of our Ultimate Hybrid I am familiar with the construction. The only thing wrong with it is they have removed the option for a 3" layer over the spring. I don’t like the fact that it has only 2" for fear you would go through it and hit the very firm spring underneath. If you can get them to build it with 3" then I would go with that. The Simmons bed does not offer comfort choices, has a rigid edge which means it can never be used on an adjustable base and they usually put inferior materials over the latex so I cannot recommend this mattress at all.

Hi Ken:
Thanks for the quick response.

The Restore Pocket Coil did have an option for 3" of latex at one time, but that’s currently unavailable. I’m not sure if it’s a temporary shortage or permanent. I’m about 5’11"/180lb, and my wife is about 5’2"/165 and we both sleep on our sides at least part of the time. The 2" latex felt pretty comfortable in the store – would you be concerned that it would become more of an issue over time?

The manufacturer of the second mattress is actually Restwell (BC-based). It’s a bit confusing – the store is called Simmons Mattress Gallery, but they no longer carry Simmons mattresses (and are themselves pretty dismissive about the quality of the hedge-fund owned brands.) The store’s been around a long time, so I assume they don’t want to change the name that folks know them by. Anyway, are there any specific questions you might suggest about quality of materials that might be more revealing? I am able to talk to the factory directly as well as the store salesman.


If it’s just a shortage I would wait for the 3". The other bed uses inferior foams which will break down long before the latex so I cannot recommend that config.

Sure, fair enough.
Would you have any concern about the base layer in the Restore?
– 2" 1.8lb High Compression BioFoam (60 ILD)

Do you use a similar foam base layer in your Ultimate hybrid?


We try to maintain a non-toxic mattress and the use of a polyfoam is not normally accepted by our customers as non-toxic and because it’s not necessary we do not use anything under the already double wrapped coils. As long as you don’t mind the use of it the specs are adequate for it’s function and should not cause any durability issues.

Sure, that makes sense.
Why do you suppose they include this foam layer in their mattress? You folks make yours without a base, so it doesn’t seem like it is entirely necessary. Does it offer any advantage to have that base layer?


The advantage is it makes a thicker mattress but may be a reason why they stopped offering the 3" latex and opted for the 2". The disadvantage is polyfoam is chemically derived and many people have issues with that but it’s really more of a lifestyle choice than anything. If you spend a whole paycheck at WholeFoods then you would not like the polyfoam from a lifestyle point of view.

Thanks for all your responses – they’ve been very helpful.

No problem, thank you for the good questions