Opinions on this Mattress or an Alternative?

This is my first time posting here so hopefully I am doing it right, I’ve lurked a bit on here for the last couple of months. I’ve been shopping for a mattress for about a year or so and we recently ordered a Brentwood Home Oceano mattress. We have had it almost 2 months and I don’t like it. It somehow feels to0 firm and not supportive enough at the same time. I love that it is a greener company and has organic materials, so I’ve been trying to look at other mattresses with similar qualities. The thing is that I prefer the feel of a super plush mattress, but I am a heavier person around 250 lbs and 5’6" and I sleep on my stomach and side about equally. There are no stores near me that sell full latex mattresses to test out so I have no idea if I would like how that feels. Today I went to a store called Mattress Land which was the only one I could find that had any beds with latex in them and we liked this one: https://www.mattressland.com/product/kingsdown-crown-imperial-empire-20-pocketed-coil-euro-top-plush-split-king-mattress-27226sk-605459 as well as another one that was made by tempurpedic/sealy but isn’t on their website. The Kingsdown one ticks a lot of the boxes of things I want in a mattress but I read some reviews online from people saying their mattresses sagged after a few years, but then I also see some people saying they’ve had that brand for 10+ years without issue. Does anyone know the specs of that particular mattress? It seems kind of similar to their “vintage” line on their website but it’s so hard to tell because they give the beds different names for each store. Is there another better quality bed that might have a similar feel? I actually really liked the feel of their most plush bed they had in the store which was the kingsdown nourish something or other lol but I’m worried that would not be supportive enough for me if I actually slept on it, plus it was memory foam and not a more “natural” mattress which is what I was wanting to go for. Right now I have a Sleep On Latex 1 inch soft topper on my Brentwood home and I.can’t tell if its making it worse or better but I know I’ve been waking up with hip and low back pain and just feel stiff in the morning. I really need some help on suggestions of mattresses or feedback on this kingsdown brand. I found one on amazon that seems similar but obviously I can’t try it out in a store first but its one from their vintage line called the symphony I think.

Hi KittyKlawz.

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Sorry to hear your Brentwood isn’t working out for you. It’s interesting that you describe it as too firm and not supportive enough at the same time. What kind of “symptoms” are you experiencing as a result of sleeping on the mattress?

I agree with your idea here that latex would be a good, durable option for you while still providing a plush feel, but also understand your hesitation on wanting to make that purchase without being able to try a latex bed.

Most of our Trusted Members on the site will allow for easy returns/exchanges after a ~100 night sleep trial, should you choose to go that route. To quote Phoenix: “Kingsdown is one of the major brands that I would stay away from [when it comes to a polyfoam or memory foam mattress]. Like most of the larger brands they won’t tell you any meaningful information about what is in your mattress and you will end up paying a lot of money for a lot of polyfoam.”

I was unable to find any specifications about the foams in the Kingsdown Crown Imperial. I’d be interested to know the ILD and if it’s blended latex, natural latex, etc. Do you think the people at Mattress Land would have this information available?

As for something comparable…with the limited specs available, I believe the Natural Hybrid Latex from Nest Bedding could be similar - and it allows for a split king, as well. You could reach out and share what you experienced in your testing and see what they say as far as comparability.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your response.

On the Brentwood I say I feel like maybe it’s not supportive enough while also being too firm because I’m waking up with low back pain which I have read usually means you don’t have enough support. I also have pain in my shoulder and hips from pressure points, & it just feels hard against my body when laying on it. I tried putting a soft SOL 1 inch topper on it and I also feel like that feels pretty firm. I might have fibromyalgia so that might be why everything besides really plush beds feels bad. I feel like I need something with a good support system but super plush thick comfort layer. I also do not want to feel bouncy or feel much movement from my partner.

The guy at Mattressland said the Kingsdown has talalay latex but I don’t think his info sheet from the manufacturer said If it was blended, and I believe it was 24 ILD. I went back and tested the mattresses again and didn’t like it as much as the first time I laid on it. I actually think I prefer the BeautyRest Black X Class Plush even though its not organic or latex which is something that initially was important to me but if those beds don’t feel good then its not worth it to me to get one just to be more natural. I also know everyone hates BR on these forums as well and they have kind of mixed reviews. I figured out I do not like very bouncy beds. I also tried an Aireloom at Denver Mattress that had a giant pillow top and I believe around 2 or 3 inches of latex and I think their version of a memory foam layer. It was called the Onyx belleflower plush I think. I’m wondering if Aireloom is really as good as they say they are or if it’s another one where it’s actually just overpriced junk. The BR definitely had more of a memory foam feel even though it was a hybrid but I didn’t feel stuck in it as much as with a tempurpedic. I also tried all the Casper ones which were okay but I still felt pressure points on my hips when laying on my side even on the Nova, and I also tried all the Purples and felt like I was rolling around on a trampoline so that’s out for sure.

I also forgot to ask about Nest… I have heard some reports of them replacing higher quality materials with lower quality ones recently and people having issues with beds sagging after a few months. Have you heard of that?

Hi KittyKlawz.

Because of Covid disrupting their production line, Nest had to remove a layer they were using and have replaced it with an equally durable material that they have always used in their non-latex mattresses. We haven’t had any reports of sagging here on the forum.

When it comes to preference, one can really only speak for oneself. What I’m really getting at here is while, yes, we tend to avoid certain brands here in the forum, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no one should buy them. Really and truly, the most important thing of all is that you are a.) comfortable and b.) adequately supported on your mattress. If that leads you to a BeautyRest, that’s great! The caveat is knowing that the materials in that mattress are very likely less durable, and that it’s also likely you will get less longevity that maybe you would hope from the mattress.

Consumer education is our priority here. If at the end of the day, you feel best buying a mattress you know may be less durable but definitely meets all your other needs and expectations, then you’ve gone into your decision well informed!

I hope that helps in some way. If I failed to answer a question please do let me know!