Ordered a gel memory foam over memory foam and coil


Just wanted to thank you for your website, It is very helpful. It was my first time really shopping for a mattress and I had never imagined it would be so difficult at first. My first idea was to go to ikea or some store like mattress discounter and sleep train because that’s all I knew before.

We went to ikea and kind of like the mattress but I had the feeling we could get something better. We also went to mattress discounter but I did not enjoy the shopping experience and was not really impressed with the bed.

So after finding your website, I decided to go with a local manufacturer and identified one you recommended which also has amazing reviews on yelp (select sleep mattress in union city,ca). I have to say the shopping experience was amazing. I usually dislike sale person but these guys were amazing. They did not push us, they did not try to sell the most expensive stuff and they were very knowledgeable.
We settle for a mattress with gel memory foam over memory foam for the confort layer and Open Coil for the support. We were hesitating between the traditional coil and pocket coil and the sale guy told us that we don’t really feel the difference we should go with the cheapest one. Since we had a limited budget, we choose traditional coil and we got a bed including foundation and delivery in our budget.
I can only recommend this store to everyone in the bay area. We are really excited for our new bed and looking forward to try it. I think in the past 10-15 years I mainly slept on futon or cheap ikea mattress. I feel I am starting a new life.

Thanks again for your website

Hi mrom34,

I’m glad the site could help you. I think highly of Don at Select Sleep and it sounds to me like you made a good choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.