Ordered our new mattress from SleepEz today!!

After lots of research and trying out many mattresses, I finally made a decision! Thanks Phoenix for all of your work here, I’ve learned a ton! Your tireless efforts are truly appreciated :slight_smile:

I was fortunate enough to be able to try several mattresses locally, including OMI, SavvyRest, Pure Latex Bliss, and Berkeley Ergonomics (SleepDesign/SleepWorks). My wife and I both liked the Pure Latex Bliss “Pamper” model, but only with their 2" latex topper on it as well (topper is super-cushy 14 ILD). We also really liked Berkeley Ergonomic’s Medeterranean XP, which is 1" latex over micro-coils over pocket coils.

I ordered SleepEz’s 8" Special, in California King size. Its 2" all natural Talalay over two 3" Dunlop layers. I talked with Shawn, and the final result for layers was as follows:

My side - Soft 19 ILD 2" Talalay top layer (19 has to be requested, standard soft is 22-24 ILD)
Medium 30-32 ILD 3" Dunlop middle layer
Firm 38-40 ILD 3" Dunlop bottom layer

Wife’s - Soft 19 ILD Talalay top
Soft 22-24 ILD 3" Dunlop middle layer
Medium 30-32 ILD 3" Dunlop bottom layer

Top layer is one piece, to reduce the chance of feeling the split layers.

I’m 5’ 9", 180 lbs, 50/50 back & side sleeper; wife is 5’ 6" 125 lbs, mostly side sleeper… very occasional back.

My wife really loved the Pure Latex Bliss 2" 14 ILD topper. I figured the 19 ILD top layer I chose may keep her happy enough to not buy the PLB topper, we’ll see. Shawn said the the Special’s 4-way stretch cotton cover would help to duplicate the surface feel of the Pure Latex Bliss topper, which also has a stretch cover (very soft, and allows the latex feel to come through nicely).

Wife seemed to like medium support… the PLB Pamper without the topper was way too firm for her. So I figured the soft Dunlop middle layer I chose for her side would lean somewhat towards medium Talilay in feel. If it’s overall too soft, I figured we could try swapping the bottom medium layer to the middle position, moving the soft layer to the bottom.

I also ordered SleepEZ’s 9" foundation, and ordered 10" universal legs from SleepLikeAbear.com

Phoenix, what do you think of my choices? :unsure:

Hi TheLight,

I think they are well thought out and probably as close as you could come with the options you had available. I also think that 19 ILD is a better choice than 14 ILD in the long term although I do know the attraction of very soft latex. this would be a different pathway to a similar end goal.

Most importantly though … you have a design that allows for more customizing if you need it and of course the value is great as you know!

Congratulations on your new mattress and I’m looking forward to your feedback to see how close you came but I think you did well.


Thanks, Phoenix. Yes, definitely a great value… saved about $700 over the PLB Pamper, and about $1000+ over the other local latex beds. Hopefully we won’t end up wanting the topper, and I hope we don’t have to do layer exchanges, but it’s nice to know that both of those are options!