Organic/Green Mattress help?

Hi there all!

We are currently in the process of trying to buy a new mattress (twin) for our small daughter. We are interested in mattresses that are flame-retardent free and that use primarily, if not all, natural/organic materials. We have done a lot of online research about the chemicals used and find them to be just ridiculous.

That being said, it became obvious (after visiting a few stores) that you cannot find this sort of mattress at a chain store. I would have realized that sooner if I had found this great website sooner!

We are located in CT and recently visited Healthy Choice Mattress which seems like it is perfect for us, albeit a bit expensive. It is difficult to find many reviews of their mattresses online and so I thought I would check in here. I have read a number of posts about them, but mostly how they were $$ over other brands, but what I didn’t see was that if other brands also carried the same level of natural/organic/flame-retardent free options as HC.

I’ve seen recommendations for Restopedic, but again, nothing related much about the chemical free nature of their mattresses. Before I made the trip there, I thought I would inquire to see if you guys could let me know if that is a good match chemically to HC, or if there is another company that I’m missing?

Thank you so, so much for any responses, in advance. This is a trying subject and not one where you can find a lot of true and factual information readily.

Hi MrsO,

The Healthy Choice mattresses are made by Restopedic and both use Talalay latex which is also used by many other manufacturers. The key to a “safe” mattress is always knowing what is in it and you will find that there are many manfacturers that use the same materials.

If you haven’t read it already … post #2 here and the information it links to may help you unravel some of the conflicting information abut what is “safe” (or how safe is safe enough), green, natural, and organic and the differences between all of these.

Post #2 here has links to most of the forum threads about mattresses and children and some of the materials that would be a good idea to consider (and avoid) and some good sources for children’s mattresses as well.

Finally … post #2 here includes the factory direct manufacturers in South Connecticut (including Restopedic) and a link to others closer to the Northern Connecticut/South MA area. These would all be worth a phone call and a longer conversation to outline what you are looking for more specifically and many of them can build custom mattresses as well.

Hope this helps.


Hi There,

I’m new to the forum, so hi everyone also!!!

I work for a company based in the UK called buyOrganics and although I can’t comment on the specifics of the sellers that you refer to, I can offer some general advice. My advice would be that the main thing you need to be sure of is that the Latex is 100% natural and not laced with synthetic foams which can sometimes be added during the Talalay process. Also, you need to check out certifications of the Latex. I came across a U.S company called Arizona premium mattress today who I was really impressed with because they use the same latex we do. It is by Latex Green in Sri Lanka, and is 100% organic. it is GOTS certified and USDA certified also, with also confidence in textiles certification. A company who is willing to explain the purity of their products is worth going for, it will be a bit pricier but its worth it. Arizona premium have a great video on you tube, something i think we will need to think about putting together also!!!

Just to let you know we have no affiliations with this company in Arizona, I just thought they were good. I know Arizona is probably far from you, but you maybe able to look them up online or talk to them by phone :lol:

Hi organomat,

I removed your link because the forum rules don’t allow for any advertising or promotion … especially if you are part of the industry.

I agree with your thoughts though about Arizona Premium Mattress which is a manufacturing member of this site which means that like the other members here I believe they are among the best quality and value in the country…

Unlike you though … I wouldn’t put “organic latex” at the “top of the heap” in terms of its value, at least for most people, and it’s actual performance is not significantly different from 100% Natural Dunlop without the certification. In addition to this … more “absolute” statements about one material being “better” than another without taking into account the many individual needs and preferences of each person is rarely accurate and can contribute more to confusion than it can help. Each person may have a different definition of better or worse and nobody else can define it for them. You can read more about the different types of latex and some of the pros and cons of each in post #6 here.

Interestingly enough … Ken at Arizona Premium works with and makes mattresses from all types of latex (Dunlop and Talalay in both natural and blended versions) and will be the first to tell you that organic latex is typically the “best value” for the smaller market segment that places a high value on the actual organic certification of a material and is willing to pay more for it because of belief or principle regardless of any specific performance or even “safety” benefits of the material itself.