Organic Latex??


Its my first time in this forum and I am about to buy a latex mattress and hopefully and ORGANIC latex mattress. I have looked at two sites that I am impressed with, SleepEZ and Plushbeds. Plushbeds says their latex is ORGANIC while SleepEZ does not make this claim… Both mattresses in the kind I am looking for cost the same but SleepEZ says theirs is “natural” and Plushbeds says theirs is “organic”…so please inform me if this information is correct on both sides and if there is any difference. I just had a BAD experience with an outgassing mattress that I had to have taken back so I am going as natural as I can and hoping that natural materials wont outgas and make me sick like the Simmons mattress did! Thank you! (Oh yes I read the negative reports on the mattress associates from Plushbeds and the lack of transparency on their company…good info!)

Hi Violette,

You are correct … SleepEZ uses 100% natural Dunlop latex and Plushbeds uses organic Dunlop (there is no such thing as organic Talalay so any talalay in either one wouldn’t be organic).

There is more about Organic Dunlop latex in post #6 here and about organic certifications in post #2 here.

The tutorial post also includes this link to the members here that sell online and many of these make latex mattresses that use different types and blends of latex with a wide range of different features and options and price ranges and some of these also have organic latex options available as well.

There is also more about organic, natural, green, and “safe” materials in post #2 here and the posts it links to because many people that are looking for “organic” materials are often just looking for materials that they can have confidence are “safe”.