Organic/Natural Latex Mattrress in Tampa, FL

Hello All,

I am looking for a 100% Natural/Organic Latex mattress in Tampa, FL. I really like the idea of sleeping on something non-toxic especially due to the many hours you are on it to get a restful nights sleep. Breathing fumes and off gasses for 8-10 hours each night does not appeal to me.

I have reviewed the suggested websites and manufacturers for the Tampa Bay area in your previous posts. Are there any new places in the TB area that were not mentioned in your other posts? So far I plan on trying out the latex mattresses at Mattress Pro and Sominis stores which are local. I don’t plan on buying at these places but they are good places to test them as suggested.

One of my big priorities is ordering from a place that will allow returns versus just exchanging. Having not ever slept on a latex mattress I would like the option to return it for a refund if necessary. Anyone suggest a quality place/website that will allow you a full refund?

If I do decided to go with one of the places that just exchange. How do most of the websites handle the exchanging of the layers etc.? Is there usually a shipping fee every time you want to make a switch? If so how much does each exchange or switch cost usually? (ball park)

I know there are a lot of people that have spent a lot of time of researching mattresses and would love to hear peoples opinions on which websites or other venues are offering the best value? In value, I do not mean the cheapest price but the best quality natural latex at the best price. I don’t mind spending the money but would like the very best materials for the cheapest pricing. I am assuming that there are websites/manufacturers that use the highest quality material but because they do not add any gimmicks or need to pay for a brick and mortar store can offer excellent value. If any one has done the research that fits into the category above I would love to hear your thoughts.


P.s. Phoenix- Your attention to detail and vast knowledge on the subject is quite impressive. Thank you for all the time you have put into helping all of us get a healthy and comfortable night sleep!

Brooklyn Bedding Where I bought an Aloe Alexis offers the following: “Try our product for 120 days, free comfort layer exchange less shipping ($75).”
I have liked mine so much I have not considered exchanging but I still can for 90 more days should I change my mind.

Hi Adidas,

No … if I become aware of new options through my research I add them to the local forum lists at the same time. The last edit to the Tampa list was on May 24th of this year so it’s up to date as far as options I’m aware of.

Any retailer can be a good place for testing if they can provide specifics about all the layers in the mattresses you test otherwise you may like a mattress but have no way to know what you were testing.

Post #21 here includes the members here that sell online and many of them sell latex mattresses and have good refund policies.

This varies from place to place but in most cases their websites or a phone call will provide you with the details. There are many online manufacturers or retailers that allow you to exchange a single layer to make adjustments to your mattress which is usually very economical (often under $100 or even less including shipping) but make sure you check each one on an individual basis because there is a wide variety of different policies and it’s important to know the specific refund or exchange policies of any online (or local) manufacturer or retailer you are considering before you make a purchase. There is normally one exchange at a reduced or minimal cost. In case you haven’t read it yet … post #1 here has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices either locally or online.


Thank you both for the input…

Phoenix, If one of your family members wanted a 100 percent latex mattress and was interested in getting the best materials for the best price where would you send them? I do understand that many parts of a mattress purchase is individualized but just looking at the best materials and best pricing there has to be one or two websites that have risen to the top during your research in regards to quality and pricing. Can you give me your top 3?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Adidas,

I really don’t have a top 3 or even a top 50 in any category … when there are so many good quality and value sources around the country. The closest I could come would be the membership list here

It would also (hopefully) be apparent why providing an answer to that type of question would quickly compromise the credibility of the site … even if I could. I would be excluding most of the best value in the country in one way or another.

My goal has always been to help people with how to choose not specifically what to choose so that each person can put together their own personal value equation and make meaningful comparisons based on the criteria that are most important to them.

The steps in post #1 here are what I would follow with any mattress purchase organic or otherwise and I’ve never gone through the process of choosing an organic mattress for myself because it’s not one of the most important factors for me although I certainly understand that it may be for others.


That makes sense…Thank you for your time

I could be wrong,but I believe that SleepEZ allows complete returns of the bed within 90 days if you are not satisified with it. They also allow layer exchanges for the same period.

Hi MelizzaRZ,

You are completely correct … their exchange and return policy is here :slight_smile: