Organic Texttile Latex Mattress topper

Received this item a few days ago. It’s an all natural 2" dunlop latex topper. It smells really bad, I mean really bad. Is that typical. I’ve left it in the room all day uncovered, but the smell is just as bad (almost like a chemical odor). Is this typical. If I return it, will all dunlop toppers smell like this or should I consider talalay

Hi dian,

Natural Dunlop toppers will usually have a “rubbery” smell which may be stronger at first when you first receive it and take it out of the plastic or packaging and may linger for a while but it’s not the type of smell you seem to be describing. Talalay will have a type of “sweetish” smell which I’ve described as like vanilla and others have described as like sugar cookies.

Your experience isn’t typical of good quality Dunlop though no.

I have certainly read reports where the initial rubbery smell is stronger or similar to your experience but I don’t know if this is just a reaction to the same smell that others are OK with or if the smell is different. It’s possible that the latex comes from a different than usual supplier that somehow uses a slightly different latex formula. If it is the “normal” Dunlop smell it will dissipate over the course of the first few days and weeks. It’s also possible that the latex was fumigated upon entry into the country (which is required in certain circumstances). I would also call the retailer you bought it from to see if your experience is typical.


I bought it from Amazon, the company is Organic Textile and it says it’s all natural, but the smell is all upstairs and making me sick. Looking at previous reviews, it seems they made talalay, but now their toppers are dunlop. The price was good, but maybe you’re right. Something is definitely wrong. Thank you.

I have exactly the same experience - after 2 months, even after ventilating it outdoor for few weeks it still has a VERY strong rubbery smell.
Did the smell of the latex mattress topper you bought ever lost the rubbery smell?
If yes, how long it took to stop smelling the ‘rubbery smell’
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I ended up returning it and it was a pain in the neck. I’m sure all Dunlop doesn’t smell like this or people wouldn’t buy it.
Forgot to say, the next day I boxed up back up and put the box in the garage till I received approval to ship it back. No way that thing was staying in the house.