Organic wool/cotton topper recommendations

My wife and I are looking to get a latex mattress. She likes for the mattress top to have a very plush feeling that latex can’t quite replicate and I want to avoid any memory foam. It also needs to be breathable as she sleeps hot. Does anyone have an recommendations for a plush, organic, wool, cotton, or similar material topper?

For reference she really liked the top feel of Spink & Co’s Eaton mattress which uses a mix of wool, hemp, cotton, and flax.



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You may find this topper thread interesting and useful.

It’s possible you will find what you’re looking for at BioSleep Concept or DIY Natural Bedding.


I LOVE wool and cotton toppers, it’s true there is a feel from natural fibers that you can’t get from latex! They are also quite breathable and temperature-regulating. I use my wool topper all year round.

Note that with any natural fiber, the fiber does compress as you lay on it, so I had the best luck starting with one that almost feels TOO thick and plush. They become less plush and more supportive (but still uniquely pressure-relieving) over the first few months. Rotate it occasionally (like when you wash your sheets) to try to get it to compress more evenly.

My favorite topper is the Deluxe wool topper from St Peter Woolen Mill. It felt SUPER plush at first and now just feels perfect (to me). It started out about 3" and after 6-12 months it’s more like 2" with compression. St Peter also makes a “standard” size that’s about half the width if you prefer less of a change to your mattress feel.

I also like Sugarloaf Woolen Mill topper, it is about the same thickness as the thinner “standard” St Peter topper, but it’s made from a specific type of wool that they say doesn’t compress as much. I didn’t use it for as long because ultimately I prefer the thicker St Peter one, but I did find that over several months of use, it did not really compress. I think this one is a good bet if you don’t want to experience much change in your topper’s feel.

I have also tried various cotton toppers. When shopping for as cotton topper, take very good note of the weight, as this can vary a LOT. For example, I tried a 2" cotton topper from White Lotus Home and it was like 60 lb! It was like getting a mattress! I was not prepared. (I also found it lumpy and uncomfortable.) My partner sleeps on a traditional Japanese shikifuton, so I have also tried a 2" futon topper from Futon Tokyo, special ordered from Japan; it was only 10 lb! FWIW, I found the 10lb futon much softer, more comfortable, and more supportive - just better all around - plus you can easily air it out on the balcony or on a line in the sun, which cleans and revitalizes it. So, I would avoid getting a heavy cotton topper and stick to lighter ones. Japanese futon makers make the best ones IMO.

Overall, I prefer wool as a topper because it’s lighter-weight (on average) and lower-maintenance (less likely to get damp, moldy. etc).