OrganicPedic Mattresses - thoughts?

These seem to be the most “natural” mattresses out there based on my limited research. Anyone know of any reviews on them out there? Is it a stable/growing company, etc.? Considering buying a mattress from them but want to make sure before I ponder the very steep price.

Hi visnsub,

OrganicPedic certainly makes some good quality mattresses that use good quality materials including organic cotton covers, chemical free wool, innersprings, and natural or organic (in a few cases) latex.

They also have a certified manufacturing facility where there mattresses are manufactured and their Dunlop latex (not their Talalay which is used in most of their mattresses) has a GOLS organic certification although most of their mattresses use Talalay not Dunlop.

A mattress is only as good as the construction and materials that are in it so in terms of “value” … these are the same or similar materials that are used by many other manufacturers that sell similar mattresses for significantly less.

Each person may have a different set of criteria or what I call “personal value equation” about what is most important to them in a mattress purchase so “value” may vary from person to person but overall I would say they are very good quality mattresses but not in the best value range and significantly more costly than other very similar mattresses that use the same or very similar materials.


Great, thanks Phoenix. Do you have some good alternate suggestions that use comparable organic/ natural materials? What might be your top 5?

Hi vinsub,

I don’t recommend shopping by brand at all but by the materials in a mattress. A mattress is only as good as its construction and the materials that are inside it and the “brand” is just the name of the manufacturer that buys the materials and puts them inside the cover. The most reliable way to make meaningful comparisons is by knowing the details of what is inside your mattress and how it was made. All manufacturers (including OMI) use a range of materials in their mattresses so making “apples to apples” comparisons isn’t possible by brand … only by materials.

Post #1 here is the first place I would start and once you get to step 3 if you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better manufacturers or retailers that are reasonably close to you that may sell mattresses that use the same or similar materials. Many of the better manufacturers in the country only make mattresses that are available locally or regionally.

The same post also has a link to some of the better online manufacturers and many of these use the same materials (100% natural or organic latex along with organic cotton and wool covers) in their mattresses that are very similar and sell for significantly less. If nothing else they can make a useful “value reference point” for a mattress that you are considering.

Of course each person may have a compelling reason that is unique to them that significant differences in price for a similar mattress are not as important a part of their “personal value equation” and decide that a specific mattress is “best for them” regardless of any other factors so from strictly a quality perspective (taking price out of the picture) the OMI mattresses are a good quality choice (like some other higher quality manufacturers they don’t make any “poor quality” mattresses).


Thanks as always Phoenix. Trying to figure out my personal value equation, but it’s trending towards not paying the $7k the OP mattress I like costs. :slight_smile:

Hi vinsub,

I don’t blame you. That’s over twice the price of other mattresses that use the same or similar materials in similar amounts (depending on the specific OMI mattress you were considering).