Organicpedic Terra ILD

Phoenix - any chance you have the ILDs for the layers in this mattress? Or can point me to them?

Its fantastic in theory (and feels lovely too), but I am guessing way too complicated to try to replicate.


Hi lesibly,

Post #6 here has the specs I was given by a local retailer that carries them.

They are 100% natural Talalay and you can see the ILD range for the N1 to N5 firmness ratings that Latex International uses here. The 25 ILD is apparently an N3 but it’s right at the bottom end of the range so I don’t know how accurate that is. Apparently they also have the option for an N2 but it’s not convoluted. The 35 ILD is also at the top of the N4 firmness rating or the bottom of the N5 so I’m not sure which one it is (I would guess N4). A convoluted topper would also have an effective ILD that is lower than its ILD rating because of the convoluting.

I don’t know how much wool is in the cover (it seemed like a fair bit to me) which would also have an effect on how it feels and the cover is a thick stretch cotton.

That’s as much as I know.


Thank you Phoenix. This one still seems a bit complicated to replicate, but luckily there were others that I liked too.

The wool is quite thick - more than an inch I think. They had cut away samples of the mattresses so I could see the layers inside. Pretty neat.

I did feel that overall, the Organicpedic mattresses had an overall less plush feel than the similar firmness for the Pure Latex Bliss. But of course, that’s not entirely accurate since I wasn’t really comparing apples to apples since I didn’t know the ILDs and the layering was totally different between the two.

Hi lesibly,

The PLB mattresses typically use 21 ILD Talalay in their comfort layers and most of them don’t have any wool quilting (which can have a significant effect on the “feel” of the latex underneath it) so some of them (particularly the softer versions) would tend to feel softer than the OMI Terra (although the Terra was one is my favorite mattresses that I’ve tested).

I agree with you that it would be quite difficult to “replicate” the Terra although some combinations may “approximate it” to varying degrees.