Original mattress factory latex

Are the latex mattresses here good quality? Serenity models latex two sides. In general are they a respectable store?

Hi spaztazman,

Their latex mattresses use high quality materials and there are no weak links in either of them. OMF is also a reputable manufacturer that makes some good quality/value mattresses which is why I include them in the local forum lists for the better options or possibilities in any of the areas where they have a store. There is more about their Serenity and Serenity Plush latex hybrid mattresses in post #14 here and the posts it links to (ADDED: I linked to more information about their Serenity memory foam mattress by mistake … if you scroll down to post #4 in this topic there is more about their Serenity latex).


They only have one latex model now. I got it right before I found out about this site.

Hi Gizpobow,

Oops … you’re right. The post I linked was about their two memory foam mattresses. There is more about their Serenity Latex in post #4 here and post #8 here and the posts they link to. Post #3 here also has more about how their current Serenity compares to the previous Serenity Latex Supreme (which was one of their two previous latex models). Like their memory foam mattresses … there are no weak links in the design and it also has the advantage of being a two sided mattress (see post #3 here for more about the pros and cons of a two sided mattress)