Other Arizona Premium Mattress offerings

Not sure how I ran across this, but I thought it was interesting. Arizona Premium Mattress Co. (usually referred to as mattresses.net) has some different offerings on their other website, www.latexmattresscompany.com . They have some more budget friendly latex/poly hybrid options using either talalay or their 3" dunlop duvet style upper layers. There may be other things, just happened to spot these differences from the other site. I’m not really sure if this is anything new or not, but may offer more options to people.

Hi Brass,

Their site is certainly well worth “exploring” and they can also make customized mattresses that aren’t listed on their sites.

The mattresses you mentioned are certainly good quality/value and are included in the list of more “budget friendly” latex and latex hybrid options that are listed in posts #3 and #4 here.