I’ve been trying out beds and reading up about beds, here and elsewhere, and my problem is that I’ve found the IKEA SULTAN FJORDGARD to be really comfortable for me, but 1, its sold out in ottawa anyways and 2, it doesnt seem like its quality to price ratio is strong.

So, Im wondering if there are any alternatives that would feel really similar to that? How would I go about even finding that out?
And second, I’m not going to be keeping this bed for more than a few years, 3-5. So, in that case, would you still advise against getting it? So, I’m also not looking to spend too much on a high quality mattress at the moment either.

Hi frank1111,

The Sultan FJORGARD isn’t a bad choice. The suggestion to avoid it is relative to some of the other latex mattresses they carry that use Dunlop latex with a higher natural rubber content which is the preference of most people and is a higher performance material but having said that mostly synthetic latex is still a better quality material than most polyfoam alternatives.

The base foam in the mattress is also high quality 2.2 lb foam so the mattress has no obvious weak links.

If you are comfortable with a Dunlop comfort layer with a higher synthetic rubber content and you have tested the mattress carefully and objectively for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) then it could make a good value choice.

Every mattress has a unique “feel” depending on the design and materials and feel itself is very subjective so the most reliable way to find a mattress that has a similar feel would be with side by side testing based on your own perceptions. If you were able to find a mattress that used the exact same materials and components in the same layer thicknesses and in the same firmness levels and with the same cover it would be very similar but it’s not likely you would find an exact match. If you were able to find out the comfort specs of the mattress (the IFD of the base layer and the ILD of the latex comfort layer) and more details about the cover and there were similar materials available in another mattress that is available to you then you may be able to approximate it but the more differences there are between two mattresses in terms of the type of material and any of the other specs the more likely that they would feel and perform differently. There is more about “mattress matching” in post #9 here.

If the mattress is a good fit for your personal value equation and considering that durability isn’t as big an issue I would certainly consider it.


Thanks a lot, immensely helpful.

I’m going to try a few more out tomorrow, and if nothing compares to the IKEA, I’ll go with that.