Over weight physically disabled person looking for the right latex mattress

Long time lurker of this forum, and I think Phoenix or one of the members here most likely can send me in the right direction on seeking the perfect Latex mattress

I’ve been disabled my 46 years of life, with limited range of motion in my limbs. I’m 5’2" 300 LBS and have gone through 2 high quality mattresses in the past 4 years.

4 years ago I bought the Sealy Posturepedic Unity Firm Mattress, it started to sag within 3 months and after 18 months of use it was too hard for myself to get my buttocks out of the sag area I had to buy a new mattress. So I purchased the King Koil Extended Life Collection (XL) 260 mattress 2 summers ago and really hate it. It started sagging about 8 months after purchase, but my biggest complaint is when trying to move around on it, is it feels as if I’m in quicksand. Yes the mattress is very firm, but what ever top layer memory foam they use, I sink right into during the night.

There are a few mattresses I’ve been looking into.
So my thought is 100% Natural dunlop latex
Not my first choice but a choice, is the SULTAN EDSELE from Ikea Products - IKEA

My first choice is a special order mattress from a company suggested by you fine folks. Looking for at least 2 layers, 1 layer firm and 1 layer Medium. This way, if 1 side is to soft or hard I can have it flipped.

This Mattress is for myself and will be on a fully adjustable bed.
Mattress needs
No sinking in feeling, firm body support, easy to move around on, the feel of spring mattresses from 20 years ago if that’s even possible and a price that wont set me back. A great full size mattress under $1400 including shipping

Thank you so much for your time

Any questions please ask

Hi HarpoonIPA,

The most effective way to find what you are looking for … no matter how challenging … is to first focus on finding an outlet that can either make or sells a mattress that fits your needs and preferences. This outlet would have people that take a genuine interest in your unique situation and explain to you why they are recommending certain materials and constructions.

These types of outlets and people are much less common that the “typical” outlets where people generally buy a mattress and they don’t normally involve mattresses made by major brands (like Sealy or King Koil).

While the King Koil mattress uses higher quality materials that may fit your needs for pressure relief and alignment and be more durable than most mainstream mattresses … it also seems that it doesn’t fit your “preferences” in terms of motion restriction which is a fairly common complaint with various types of mattresses that include thicker layers of memory foam or in some cases even foams of any type that are too thick and soft. It sounds to me like the inevitable softening of the memory foam and the qualities of memory foam itself along with some softening of the polyfoam used in the mattress (even though it’s higher than average quality) may still be OK for your needs (pressure relief and alignment) but not your preferences (ease of movement). Your thoughts that latex may work better for you both in terms of durability and ease of movement are in the right direction IMO.

Having said this … the type of latex mattress that would work best for you is still very important. Just because a mattress contains higher quality materials doesn’t mean it would be suitable for you.

To get the best combination of pressure relief and alignment will often involve the use of several layers in the mattress rather than the single layer Edsele. Of course your personal experience is always more accurate and if you have tested the Edsele and it provides both the pressure relief and alignment you need along with the feel and ease of movement you prefer than it would be a good choice no matter what “theory” says. A mattress with slightly thicker layers though would be more adaptable to different sleeping positions and movement without the feeling that you may be bottoming out or the mattress feeling too firm when it compresses more.

Part of the difficulty is that your budget is somewhat limiting for the use of several thicker layers of latex but there are also other alternatives that can be used in the support layers of a mattress that are less costly and latex can be used in the more critical comfort layers in these cases.

There are really two directions you could go with this. The first (and generally the first preference) is to find and work with a local manufacturer or a sleep shop that has a close relationship with a local or independent manufacturer that can help you either choose or will build a mattress that is in line with your budget and needs. This is generally the most “accurate” because they can be there in person to see how you respond to different types of layering and materials and give you the benefit of their “in person” advice and guidance.

The second alternative is to work with an online manufacturer that has the knowledge, skills, and ability to help you make your best choices within the limits of the mattresses and designs they make and sell. This can also be a way to get higher value and use higher quality materials in your budget range if there are no local manufacturers or sleep shops that can provide this locally. Local testing can still help them to help you mre effectively though.

If you let me know the zip or city you are in I’d be happy to let you know of any better choices in your area that I know of.

Some of the best online manufacturers in the country are members of this site and are listed in post #21 here. If you choose to go in the online direction … I would start with some initial research on their websites to get a sense of what is available in your budget range (there are several there that make all latex mattresses in full size that are within your budget range) followed by more lengthy conversations with the ones that fit what you are looking for that will help you make good choices. Some of them can make a mattress or variations that isn’t specifically shown on their site. The more you talk with them and the better your questions and feedback about the results of what you have tried locally … the better than can help you.


Thanks Phoenix for your quick reply

My main problem is the inability to be able to get to a dealer and lay on a mattress before I buy. My zip code is 02338

Hi HarpoonIPA,

There are some very good choices in the general Halifax area depending on how easy it would be for you to make the visit. They are listed in the post #2 here (centered in Boston) and in post #6 here (Cape cod). If this is a possibility … I would do some preliminary research on their websites (and some may not have lots of information there) and then talk to them and “interview” them on the phone first before deciding on which if any to visit. I would also read some of the posts and feedback about some of them that are linked in post #2 here (with thanks to the forum members who have provided some great research and feedback in the area) and then choose one or two that you “connect” with the best and pay them a visit.

If this is not possible … then I would focus on doing the same with the online outlets that I linked to previously.

The more time you can spend with them on the phone asking good questions and providing them with as much detail as you can about your circumstances, needs, and preferences regardless of whether this is preliminary to a local visit or an online order … the better they will be able to help you and the clearer you will be about the “best” direction to go and that you feel most comfortable with.

Either way … you have some great choices available to you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Phoenix for the info you have provided me and the many links