Oversized Innerspring King Mattress?

Hi everyone,

First let me say thank you for this forum - the advice and vetting here are a breath of fresh air compared to the incredible amount of misinformation out there!

Like many, I’m feeling overwhelmed in my search, and I was hoping for advice on finding a reputable manufacturer who can provide what I’m looking for:

An oversized king mattress, preferably an Alberta King or “Mini Texas” King (96" x 96") or similar size that has the following:

  • Individually pocketed coiled springs (12 gauge? 10 gauge?)
  • Sleeps as cool as possible
  • No memory foam or foams of any kind
  • Natural cooling wool and/or organic top layer, minimal to no synthetics.
  • Under $5k preferably, but can go a little higher if the fit/match is outstanding/perfect.

I’m a heavy person with a high BMI, and I like a very (very?) firm mattress - I like to sleep on top of a mattress, and not in it. I don’t like feeling like I’m sinking or nestled in a top at all.

Probably the most important for me:

A ~ 90 day (ish) in-home trial with a free return (or exchange) policy. I can’t drop that kind of money on a bed if it doesn’t fit me after two months.

Are there any recommended quality manufacturers who can help me that the Underground community endorses?

Thanks so much!

@EngineeredSleep may be one of the best sources for oversized mattresses customized to your specifications.

I am certain they will respond to your inquiry shortly.


Thanks @Maverick , much appreciated. I’m looking at their options now, and their “Flippable Hybrid” Ultra-Firm seems most suited for my needs, but it doesn’t look like it’s available for oversized kings (e.g. two duo core bases and one topper that covers both).

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I’ve also recently found VON EPICA Empress - Von Viva

One thing I really like about this option is that the mattress ‘shell’ is unzippable at the top layer which opens up like a suitcase, allowing you to replace one or two of the top layers if necessary over time. Super nice design.

Anyone have any experience with Von Viva?

They are capable of making just about anything. When you speak with Davis he can advise you of the best options.

I know they were super busy over the holiday and are catching up on responding to folks. I am certain he will be in touch by tomorrow.

Keep in mind that while this is a custom mattress and trials may be limited, you won’t be left without options or abandoned. Adjustments can be made to fine-tune the mattress to your needs, although there may be an additional cost involved. It’s best to discuss this with ES as part of your conversation.

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It will probably be hard to find a custom size mattress with any sort of sleep trial. It wouldn’t make any sort of economic sense to offer one.

Your best bet would probably be a local maker. There are many small firms throughout the country that make excellent hand made beds in custom sizes for RVs, boats etc. a lot of them don’t have big online presences and can be hard to find. Where are you located?

Hi @overwhelmed,

I am happy to help and provide as much information as I can for you. You have laid out some specific details so you’ve made it easy to hit your needs. We make all kinds of oversized mattresses and can absolutely make what you are looking for.

Our DUO design is going to make your life a lot easier in many ways. It is very easy to setup (3 pieces) and just like the Von Viva design it allows you to replace just the Comfort Layers down the road. You also get the option of flipping just the DUO Support section to a slightly softer or slightly firmer feel - so you have feel options you can altar.

We have a @TPS QuadCoil that is 13.5 Gauge through the entire coil and it is very, very firm. When you say you want “no foam of any kind” I am going to assume you are not including latex in that statement.

With that being said our DUO Latex option with the 13.5 Gauge Coil would be a very firm mattress. We can make it in the 96" x 96" or whichever size you prefer. It would fit all of your needs listed above (we can use wool and organic or minimal to no synthetics).

To comment on the 90 Day trial - I have not personally found anyone who sells oversized mattresses that offers a trial with free returns, but you can find them with an exchange policy. With our DUO mattress you can exchange the Comfort Layers to help meet your needs and we work with you closely to make sure we get that right.

If you want to talk more you can call me at 864-630-5206 or email me at [email protected]

I hope this info was helpful and I hope you find what you are looking for!


I’ll reach out as soon as I have some breathing room this week, thanks Davis!