I understand that buying a mattress is a personal matter, but I feel overwhelmed by this process.
I’ve read some of your articles, which are helpful, but can you recommend or list mattress stores in each area as a place to start?
A map might be helpful, too.

Hi madz,

The first place I would start is reading the steps in the post that is linked after my signature and the basic information it links to.

The next step would be to identify the better options and possibilities in your area and if you let me know the city or zip you live in I’d be happy to point you to the better choices in your area that I’m aware of.

Most of the “lists” are in various posts around the forum (and I’m happy to help people find them) but with all the hats I wear (and 16 hour days) and for other reasons as well … a complete list for every area with maps is not yet close to the top of the “todo” list …
although at some point it will be :).

Hope this helps … and feel free to post with any questions you have along the way.


Thank you for your reply.
I live in the Northern Virginia/DC area, although the mattress will, eventually, end up in the Boston area if there are more and better choices up there.

Hi madz,

The list for the northern VA / DC area is in post #2 here. It may also be worth reading this thread.

The Boston list is in post #2 here and there are some links to feedback about some of the manufacturers mentioned in post #2 here.

There is no doubt that there are many more manufacturers and good value choices in the Boston area than there are in the DC area.


Thanks so much, Phoenix.
You’ve given me some great places to go.