Pain continues after new mattress purchase

Hi all,

I made a new mattress purchase earlier this month from Magic Sleeper in Pottstown, PA. It was a good buying experience, especially after visiting lots of big box mattress stores. I tried to do my research prior to my purchase by reading the articles on this website and familiarizing myself the options available.

I was sleeping on a 10 year old Beautyrest that had me waking up in pain with lots of shoulder and arm pain, stiffness, and aches. For a few years, I tried to make it work with memory foam toppers, a latex topper, and a polyfill pad, but nothing helped. I came to the conclusion that I needed something soft, yet supportive. I wanted the fluffy cloud experience. I thought I found what I was looking for when I purchased the Rome mattress (specs below). However, I find myself having the same aches, heaviness, and pains with my new mattress, and waking up in the middle of the night. It’s only been 2 weeks, and I know that there is a breaking in period with innerspring mattresses. But, I’m worried that I made a poor choice. The Rome mattress felt super plush in the store, but as soon as I got it in my house, it didn’t have the feeling I remembered.

Magic Sleeper offers a 30 day Comfort Exchange, but I’ll admit, I’m doubtful about my ability to select a mattress. I’m a side sleeper. When I was testing mattresses, I could quickly tell what was comfortable or not within the first minute or so. However, beyond that initial “aaaah” or “ewwwww”, I had a hard time differentiating between what felt good. After a few minutes, they all felt the same.

As I look back on this message, I realize I’m not really asking a question. I’d appreciate any tips or feedback to help me find a mattress that makes sleeping a pleasure, and not a pain.

Mattress Features:

3 inches of high density foam for back support and longevity
1353 mini coils foam encased which gives you the support of a spring while giving zero motion.
Texas Tri zone wrapped coil system for additional back support in the center third .
Gel foam and memory foam quilted directly to the fabric for ultimate conforming quilted top.
Comfort Layers:

1 inch Gel Memory Foam quilted directly to the top quilt.
1 inch of 4 LB memory foam quilted directly to the top quilt.
3 inches of high density foam for added back support
1353 mini wrapped coils

Hi ktmusar.

Welcome to the Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

I am glad the resources on TMU have been useful for your thus far, but I’m sorry to hear of the continued aches and pains despite having purchased a new mattress.

It’s likely you’ve already come across these resources in your previous research, but just in case you haven’t, a few good resources to help guide your mattress shopping decisions are this article on the comfort needs of the varied sleeping positions, the Mattress Durability Guidelines. and our Mattress Shopping Tutorial.

Also, since you mentioned you were able to tell what was comfortable, but not necessarily supportive, you may find this resource on testing a mattress for support and alignment.

A few questions for you -
Is the pain you’re experiencing on your new mattress identical to the pain you were experiencing on your old mattress? If it’s different, how is it different?
Would you be willing to share your BMI? This is one of the most important factors when it comes to evaluating whether a mattress is a good fit.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hello Nikki,

Thanks for your response. I will definitely look at the articles you suggested.

My BMI is 30 (insert COVID joke here!). The pains I’m having on my new mattress are the same as I had on my previous mattress. There have been times when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night wondering if I was still on my old bed. As a side sleeper, the pain is primarily in my shoulder, which then radiates down into my arm. I sometimes feel pressure on my hips, but not as much as my shoulder.

I have reached out to Magic Sleeper, and they are kindly extending their 30 day return window as they are getting some new models in the store. The proprietor recommend something with more gel foam to provide pressure relief. I think because I am replacing a very firm mattress, I am gravitating towards very plush mattresses. Right now my biggest concern is that I am equating softness with pressure relief, and clearly that isn’t working for me.