Palm Star...sleep green...10" memory foam mattress set?

My wife & I Java purchased the PalmStar…sleep green King mattress set…we received it this past Tuesday 12-27-11
We laid on many mattresses in the last week trying to choose the right one for us.
We both liked the feel of the Palm Star so so we decided to blind buy it without doing any research at all on this brand.
I know very little about this mattress…other than it having a 10year non prorated warranty!!!
Anybody have this mattress or know someone that does?
any info will be much appreciated …I have searched the web over…and can hardly find any info on the PalmStar.
Is this a good mattress or is it junk?
will it last…or be junk in a couple of year?
What pound is it…3 …4…5…6…7?been told it needs to be around 5 to 6 pounds!!!

We paid $860.00 for King mattress…foundation…bed rails…and delivery…so the price was good…just want to know if its a good mattress.

Thanks for any info on this set


The PalmStar as listed here is a fairly basic memory foam mattress made by Wickline Bedding. Wickline was an American manufacturer but went bankrupt and was purchased by Stylutions who is a Chinese mattress manufacturer who has maintained the brand name.

Their memory foam uses polyols made from Palm Oil to partly replace petrochemical polyols (like many other manufacturers who are replacing petrochemical polyols with various plant oil based alternatives) which is the basis for their “green” claims.

They don’t have any information however about the density of their memory foam or the polyfoam underneath it, who manufactures it, or any testing or certification for chemicals or outgassing that has been done on it. Without this information it is really not possible to tell much about the quality of the materials they are using.

The best quality (and most durable) memory foam is about 5 lbs/cubic inch or better but even this can be a little misleading because there are many variables and formulations used to manufacture memory foam and the use of fillers can also increase the density (and lower the price) of memory foam even though it may also lower the quality and durability of the foam. This is particularly common with some cheaper Asian memory foam.

So overall … while I certainly would never recommend a mattress where the manufacturer or outlet doesn’t provide the most important information, at least for now it is working for you. How long this will continue is not possible to tell. You may want to call the outlet you purchased it from though just to see if they will give you the information about the foam they are using in the mattress, its source, and any testing results and certifications it may have.

Warrranties are basically meaningless for anything but manufacturing defects which tend to show up very early because they don’t cover softening of the foam and also have exclusions so that even foam that is not suitable for sleeping on any longer will still come back enough once you are off the mattress and the impression is measured … that it will be less than the exclusion and will not be covered by the warranty. Most warranties are used as a sales technique and a way of closing the sale because most outlets recognize that consumers believe that the longer the warranty the better the mattress which is just not the truth.