Parklane Glacier Opinion?

Been lingering on the website for a few days and decided to check out Parklane here locally in Portland before making a purchase. Was leaning towards buying an iComfort Genesis but tried the Parklane Glacier this morning and now thinking that it is a much better bed. I have a few questions: A) do you have any thoughts on the Glacier? B) what do you think of their adjustable base? C) i know they dont do a 5% discount anymore but a bonus, do you know what the bonus is?

Thanks for the website its been very helpful!

Hi Alexs,

You are certainly going in a great “direction” IMO and Parklane has some great quality and value available.

A) do you have any thoughts on the Glacier?

Like all the Parklane mattresses … the Glacier is good value but the most important part of any mattress is of course how well it fits each individual in terms of their needs and preferences so in terms of value … I think it would be a great choice and certainly better than other similar mattresses that use a combination of gel and traditional memory foam over a poly foam base layer. They also have some interesting comments about durability and temperature control in their answer to the second question on the Glacier page.

In terms of how well it may “fit” any particular person though … this would be best determined with actual testing for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) in the store. As in all cases of a mattress that uses fairly thick layers of memory foam … it is important to pay special attention to your alignment in all your sleeping positions when you are fully relaxed (at least 15 minutes on the mattress and with memory foam preferable more) and make sure you are well inside your range of “neutral” spinal alignment so that any initial softening of the memory foam during the break in period won’t result in putting you out of your ideal range.

Parklane has the Reverie Deluxe listed on their site (when I went there they had the Ergomotion) which I believe is one of the best value adjustable bases available (I own one myself). There is more about some of the differences in the most common brands in the adjustable bed thread and in post #2 here. Of course particular models of adjustable beds are the same from different outlets so its “value” is more dependent on price because the only options available are the choice of brand or model (unlike mattresses where the internal components and layering and how they “fit” can make all the difference in “better or worse” choices for each person). It seems to me that their prices are fairly good. I usually use as a pricing reference for adjustable beds.

Their bonus is a package of accessories but I haven’t talked with them recently so I’m not sure what the current version is. It will be a good excuse for me to call and touch base with them when I have a chance :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thx Phoenix!
We bought it today. Hopefully it all works out. We are a little concerned the Reverie won’t fit in our sleigh bed but we’ll give it a try.

Thanks again!

Hi alexs,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you certainly made a great choice and I hope the Reverie fits although if your bed is a standard size there should be no problem. It’s a great “bonus” to have.