Parklane Pettygrove Mattress

Hello, I hope this is the correct place to post this to talk with someone from Parklane Mattress.
A little background. I have been struggling with finding a mattress that is the right fit for me. I am on my second mattress in the last few months, which is currently memory foam. It is made up of a 3", 4 lb gel memory foam over a 2", 5 lb memory foam layer, on top of a 1.8 lb polyfoam base. Unfortunately, I think this one may be going back too.

When I first started sleeping on it I felt a lot of aches and pains and had very restless sleep. I would awake with lower back pain several times a night. In the morning I felt foggy in the head with muscle fatigue and weakness in my arms and hands. I saw a doctor who said I may be chemically sensitive to memory foam. She recommended that I cover it with a natural fiber to see if it would help. I put a cotton mattress pad over a mattress protector to make a barrier between myself and the foam. It seems to be helping, as I have been getting deeper sleep and feeling a little better physically in the morning. This makes me think I am sensitive to the mattress, and I don’t really want to continue sleeping on it long term as a health precaution. Putting these layers over the bed has also created a different feel to the mattress. It seemed to not allow me to sink in as far, which I like (I hate that stuck in the mud feel). As a side sleeper though, I do feel like I need my shoulders to sink in a bit more. In this mattress journey, I have learned that I need a mattress to keep my spine aligned, but need enough pressure relief for my wide shoulders and hips. There seems to be a fine line between to much of a comfort layer, and not enough.

I have a friend who has one of your mattresses and spoke very highly of their experience with your company. I have looked at your website and think that the Pettygrove may be a good fit. It sounds like I would get the soft cushioning I would need for my pressure points, but have deeper support for proper alignment from the independent coils. It is also in my price range, since I don’t want to spend over $1000.

Here are my questions:
Do you feel that the Pettygrove would be soft enough for a lightweight side sleeper of about 125 lbs, to allow for good pressure point relief?

What are the thickness of the layers in this mattress (perhaps I missed this on the website)?

Is the latex in this mattress natural? Are there any toxic materials used in the manufacturing, like glues, etc.?

Does this mattress sleep temperature neutral?

Lastly, I noticed you sell a wool topper. I have been thinking about this option since I tend to sleep warm and would like to keep a natural layer between the mattress and myself. Would putting this over the Pettygrove make it feel softer or firmer? Does it offer pressure relief, or does it mostly help with temperature regulation since it is thinner (I am not really familiar with the feel of a wool topper)?

Sorry for the long post! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. And if you feel that you may have other mattresses that might work for me as well, and are in my price range, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi AnnaP,

Thank you for reaching out to Parklane Mattresses; as a local manufacturer and retailer, I can help you. The mattress you are currently sleeping on has a lot of memory foam; 5" is more than we would recommend using together. I am thinking you are looking for a queen mattress based on your price range. I wanted to let you know that in the next few weeks Parklane is going to reset their stores with their new 2018 lineup, and it will probably be a good idea to wait until the stores are set to start your shopping. They are adding more Marshall coils (individually wrapped coils) into the lineup, and some softer choices. My recommendation would be to call the Showrooms the beginning of April and see if the new beds are out. Then, when you visit a convenient Showroom, plan on spending some time getting fit to the mattress that works for your proper spine alignment and pressure point relief.
I don’t think the current Pettygrove would feel soft enough for you based on what you are sleeping on. Currently the Pettygrove uses 100% Natural Talalay Latex; it does not cradle you like memory foam.
The exciting part of the new line up is Parklane Mattresses will have a plush and firm 6" Latex core available. This can be used alone as a mattress, or Parklane will offer individual toppers to be used as a “create your own feel” mattress. If you started with just the base, you could add the wool topper to make a premium sleep system.
The wool pads are a great addition to any bed, and soon the showrooms will carry two thickness choices: 1 1/2" and a 3" wool topper. The sheep live in Northern California, so it is all pretty local. The toppers will add some comfort to the mattress (the 3" will provide more than the 1 1/2") but more importantly, both provide a natural layer between you and a mattress and help you to sleep more temperature neutral.
AnnaP, I hope this has given you additional information to help you in your search for healthy sleep. Please remember to ask for your Mattress Underground discount when you are ready to purchase.
The current Pettygrove has
2 layers of 3/4" quilt foam
1" piece of 100% Natural Talalay Latex (ILD 20 - 24)
Foam Encased Marshall Coil spring
1 1/2" firm base foam.
Debbie Lewis
Parklane Mattresses

Anna - My wife and I just purchased a Kenton from Parklane. I would highly recommend you go in to the store and try out the different mattresses. Really lay down on them for 10+ minutes. That way you get a better feel than just bounces on it for a minute. Judie helped us and she was fantastic. They will give you general guidance and help “fit” a mattress based upon your sleep position and alignment. We could not be happier with our Kenton. We never knew sleeping could be so comfortable!

Good luck in your search.

Hello Thuegli,

Thank you for writing about Parklane Mattresses!
I agree that the Kenton is a fabulous mattress, and Judie, who works at the Lake Oswego Showroom is very good at fitting people to beds.
Parklane Showroomsare a great place to get comfortable on the beds, because the focus is on local quality products that are made and sold in the greater Portland area. No high pressure sales at Parklane Mattresses.
The reason I didn’t talk about all of the attributes for mattresses like the Kenton, is because of her $1,000 budget. Coming soon are some latex products that will be in her price range. They will feature components that people can piece together based on their preference. AnnaP would be able to buy a latex core mattress in her price range, and potentially add toppers later if she wanted a different feel. There will be latex, wool and spring toppers to create from.

I am so happy to hear that you are sleeping well on The Kenton.

Debbie Lewis
Parklane Mattresses

Thank you for your reply. It sounds like you guys are going to be adding some great new additions to your stores. I will be sure to call in early April as you recommended, to make sure the new stock is in.
Thanks for the info on the Pettygrove. Would you consider it more of a medium or firm feeling mattress? From the description it sounded like it may fit the bill, having a super soft Talalay layer over marshall coils for pressure point relief. But if you think it may not be soft enough, I will keep that in mind. Sounds like you will be offering some softer mattresses soon, so I am happy to wait a little longer before I hit the showroom!

Hi Anna,
The Pettygroveis considered a medium mattress.
Waiting for the new lineup will be worthwhile; and I am sure the trained staff in one of Parklane’s 10 Showrooms can help you find the perfect sleep system. New Pillows will also be making their debut. Currently, there is one Wool Pillow, but a second is coming.

Debbie Lewis