Parklane Rogue or Vale

Anyone with experience with either of these? Been on a spring mattress and having lower back pains for years from it. Finally fed up and am looking at these. I like the memory foam but my constant shifting positions would wake me. I know sleep habits could change though on a different bed type but point being the latex feels a little easier to move around on
Thanks for the help.

Hi jamnperry,

Parklane has some of the best value mattresses in the country which is why I invited them to be a member of the site. They use very high quality materials and are far and away better value than anything you would find in a “mass market” outlet that used materials that were even close to the same quality.

In terms of the Rogue and the Vale … your comments are very valid. Memory foam tends to sleep hotter than latex and as you mention is less “movement friendly”. It also allows you to sink deeper into the mattress which could be an issue with alignment for some people depending on your weight and body shape and sleeping positions. Having said that … the memory foam they use is one of the more breathable types and has a less of a “sleep in sand” feeling than many other memory foams.

I personally would make my choice based on testing for pressure relief and alignment in all your sleeping positions and also on your personal preferences of microclimate and the overall “feel” of both mattresses. Both have great value and assuming that they both “fit” your needs and preferences … IMO you would do well with either of them.

I should also mention that it is actually normal and “healthy” to change positions several times during the course of the night. Tossing and turning based on pressure or alignment issues is of course not a good thing but the natural changes in sleeping positions are necessary for healthy sleep.