Past Question

Hi. I asked a question to this expert, which wasn’t answered and has disappeared. How did that happen? chart.

Hey chart,

Welcome to the TMU Forum :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately in April, there was a weeks’ worth of posts that were lost while the forum underwent some site maintenance. We were able to manually recreate the majority of posts but unfortunately can’t find your particular one, please accept our apologies for that. If you can recreate the post to My Green Mattress’s forum space, I will make sure they are on the watch for your question. I have a vague memory that you were seeking information on a variety of mattresses. We ask the consumer themselves to take the time to research the specs and construction of the layering of the products of interest to make efficient use of the expert/moderator’s experience. For some ideas, you may want to give a quick read to the recent post “New Topic vs. Ask an Expert Guidelines…Where Should I Post my Question?”. Please keep in mind that for any expert/ moderator to make meaningful comments, the most productive way is to inquire of no more than two products at a time if at all possible. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience in the delayed response to your research and look forward to helping out when you repost.

Sensei :slight_smile: