PayPal Donations

I have had quite a few requests in the forum or through private communications from members who have been helped by this site asking if they could make a small PayPal donation. At first I was reluctant because this was not part of the original goal of the site and I certainly don’t want this to be perceived as a “requirement” or imply in any way that this is a request or expectation or make a donation button obviously visible.

On the other hand, I realized that I also like to do this when a site or someone has helped me and that as long as it was not in an “obvious” place that it could be a good idea and would allow those who wished to do this a way to send a small donation as a way to help support the research hours and efforts that go into the site and the forum.

So for those who choose to … here is the donation button that you have requested … and I sincerely appreciate the thoughts and small donations from those of you who choose to use it!



PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Thanks Phoenix. You provide a needed oasis in a dessert of misinformation or lack thereof!

Hi vince,

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for putting this option up. The service you provide is of fantastic benefit to people. Your knowledge sharing and assistance is very much appreciated. I know I personally take great satisfaction in helping people with subjects I am experienced in and I certainly never expect to be compensated, but if they appreciate the $50-$500 I saved them by fixing their LCD TV, computer, network, motorcycle. etc and want to throw me few dollars, I am okay with that as well. :wink:

There is something wrong with the paypal link. WHen I press US DOllars and then choose US as the country, it does not allow me to choose my state. The only choices are the provinces in Canada. I thought the US and Canada buttons were switched, so I went into tho the cannada dollares button and had the same result.
Id sure like to donate, but it seems that we here in the US cant!

Hi vince,

I think the issue is that you have to first put in the amount and then it will change the screen when you choose the country.

I tried it without the amount and I had the same issue and an error message and when I did add the amount and then switched it to the United States in the drop down box … the screen changed and I had the screen with the US address and state options.

The amount on the US button is expressed in US dollars but I guess the default screen is Canada so this needs to be changed to the correct country when its used.

Thanks for asking.


Thank you for a great site! Your guidance in choosing a new mattress has been invaluable. We just received our mattress from Sleep Ez today put it together and will be sleeping on in in a few minutes.

Hi Samoman,

You’re probably off in the land of sleep by now but congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you made a great choice and most of all you did good research and chose the mattress that best fits your own value equation. I think you will be happy with your mattress for many years and best of all you can still customize it if you need to (just like making adjustments to a new suit)

Thank you too for your kind words and your donation … I appreciate it!