Performed a Mattress Surgery

Had issues with the top layers in my 11 year old Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress. After doing more research I decided to do a mattress surgery. Cut off the top layer of the mattress and pulled out all the foam to get down to the inner springs. The springs looked in fine condition with a pretty uniform appearance and tension remaining in the springs.

Ordered a 28 ILD 3" Blended Talalay topper for AZ Premium Mattress. This has been our second night sleeping on it. I decided to get something more in the medium ILD area in the case I needed to go softer I was going to purchase another 3" topper. I think that it is very comfortable as it is and not too tense. At this time I do not think we are going to go any softer. AZ Premium Mattress answered all my questions and provided excellent customer support. Again it’s only our second night, but feel my body feels more support at night and feel I wake up with more energy. If you have any questions please ask, but it’s been a great experience thus far and we saved a lot of money.

Hi linuxology,

Thanks for the update on your mattress “surgery”. You are now a MD (Mattress Doctor)! :slight_smile:

A “medium” ILD is generally a good choice for removal of the upholstery layers in a situation like yours, as you’ll want something substantial between the quilt panel that you’ve kept and the innerspring unit to provide a more gradual transition.

I’m glad things are working out well for you so far.