Phoenix: Aerus or Night Therapy from Samsclub?

I have read what seems like thousands of posts and have narrowed my buying down to Samsclub because of returns and pricing. I know you recommended the Aerus 5lb from Sams but I am looking for a 8-10" mattress. When you get up to those sizes it goes down to a 4lb so now I’m a little confused on which is best. Seems like I have narrowed down to Night Therapy or Aerus in a 8 or 10" mattress. Will it make a difference between 8 and 10" besides just the height of getting into or out of bed and the price? We are also planning in buying a adjustable base. Will the 8" work better than the 10" or does it matter?
I’m 225 sleep on my back and side, hate pillowtops and have done well on firm. I Do have lower back problems. I sleep hot and many nights during the summer never use blankets just a sheet.
My wife is 140lb sleeps on back and side also, Mostly side and loves using the electric blanket.
We live in MN just south of the Twin Cities.

9” Night Therapy Latex Pressure Relief Mattress - Queen
8" Night Therapy Total Comfort
10" Night Therapy Pressure relief

Aerus 10" Natural Plush
Aerus 8" Natural

Electric Blanket usage on above beds?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Tominfaribo,

The night therapy is made buy Zinus which makes many brands of memory foam mattresses. You can usually tell it is made by them if the description mentions things like “green tea” in combination with charcoal and silver. They are an importer and none of their foam is listed on the Certi-Pur website. They also don’t list the density of the memory foam in these mattresses.

EDIT ADDED LATER: Zinus is now listed on the Certi-Pur site which means I would consider them as a valid memory foam option as long as the density was known

I would not personally consider any memory foam mattress with an unknown density or from a manufacturer who did not provide some level of certification for VOC emissions. [strike]This for me would rule out the night therapy.[/strike]

In this budget range it is unlikely you would find 5.0 lb Aerus in a mattress and I believe that the 4 lb Aerus is a good value in this price range. The 10" uses 4 lb while the 8" uses 3 lb Aerus so I would certainly go with the 10" since 3 lb memory foam would be too low quality for me to consider in any brand.

Memory foam is not a good idea with electric blankets as they soften with heat and it is quite likely that this could lead to sinking in too far into your mattress putting your spine out of alignment (leading to back pain) over the course of the night. They also retain heat more than other types of foam and while the Aerus is a good step in the direction of more breathable and cooler memory foam … it is still less breathable and hotter than latex.

You are in the range of an appropriate thickness for side/back sleeping but only personal testing can really know if it is perfect for the both of you. Of course the good news is that if it doesn’t work out quite right … that Sam’s club has a great return policy. is a local independent manufacturer in your area which makes both memory foam and latex mattresses and are factory direct. They would likely be well worth a visit.