Phoenix Area Mattress Manufacturers

Hi Phoenix,

My wife and I are shopping for twin latex mattresses to be used on a split king adjustable bed. We have had trouble finding mattresses locally (Kansas City area) to meet our needs (desires). I note on your membership list, three different mattress companies located in the Phoenix/Tempe area, some of which I know do on-line sales. I am traveling to Phoenix in about a week and would like to take the opportunity to check out the mattress offerings from at least one of these companies. Do all of these companies have showrooms or other facilities in the Phoenix area that are available for viewing and testing the mattresses?

Hi eltampa,

You’ve probably seen this but the Kansas City list is in post #2 here.

The Phoenix area list is in post #4 here. Two of the members here ( and SleepEz) have showrooms that have the same (and more) mattresses available that they have online. The third (Brooklyn Bedding) also has mattresses they make available in their liquidation outlets but they are not the same as their Amazon Dreamfoam mattresses.