Phoenix can you help narrow the mattress choices at this location please

can you help narrow the mattresses that would suit me.

weight 210 pounds
height 6 feet 2 inches
side sleeper
low back neck chronic pain
like soft surface for sleep

And would a tempurpedic foundation be suitable for those mattresses?

Thanks so much

Hi Richard,

I would suggest you work directly with the manufacturer who can actually see you lying on their mattresses in person, where you can provide real time feedback, and who knows much more about the details of every material and component in their mattress than I do.

There are so many variables between different people, different materials, mattress constructions, and layering that there is no formula that can match height, weight, and sleeping positions to a specific mattress except perhaps based on averages. Even here this is best done by the manufacturer or retailer of the mattress based on their experience with their customers which they can use as a frame of reference. “Theory at a distance” is not the way to go when there is someone local to you that you can work with.

The one that is “best” for you is the one that provides you with the best PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment and Personal preferences) and nobody else can feel what your body feels when you are lying on a mattress.

Perhaps if you have tested their mattresses and you couldn’t decide between two of them and posted all the specs of both along with your feedback on each one I could make some suggestions about the pros and cons of each that may help you decide between the “final two or three” but they could do this just as well or better than I could.

I encourage you to test their mattresses in person and let your body and the experience and the guidance of the salespeople there lead you to your best choices at that particular manufacturer.