Phoenix: Help w/mattress protective covers for Latex Mattress

Hi Phoenix,

I am anxiously waiting for my Latex matress that I ordered from SleepEz. In preperation of its arrival I am looking to possibly purchase a mattress protector cover. Any recommendations?


Hi Elise,

I would probably use one of the thinner protectors that use a waterproof/breathable membrane. I like them because overall they affect the feel of a mattress less than other types of protectors and have a good combination of waterproof qualities and breathability.

There are a few specific examples here and you can read about some of the protector “tradeoffs” here.

Congratulations on your new mattress … and I hope you’ll let us know how you are enjoying it when it arrives and you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for a few nights :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your tips and I will keep in touch and let everyone know how This is a great is very informative and I learned so much.

I purchased the waterproof mattress cover by Luna - I ended up ordering it on for an unbelievable savings. Queen size $39.99 vs on the direct site on sale for $59.00. No tax and shipping. Can’t beat this unbelievable price!!! They guarantee this product for 10 years. Looks like I am all set. BTW - with the latex mattress from Sleepez - I am receiving 2 free latex pillows - so I am interested in seeing if this also makes a difference in sleep comfort.

wheeee looks like I am all set

Hi Phoenix,
I just got my latex bed and its great. The feel of it is wonderful and thank you for all your help and expertise. I am too looking for a mattress cover for my latex bed. Would this be a good one. I am about to purchase it and want to make sure that its waterproof and wont lose the feel of the latex bed.

Thanks again.

Hi lasdj,

I think this would be a good choice and is a good compromise between breathability and waterproofness. The only thing I would consider is that having a complete mattress encasement would lower the breathability of the mattress more than just a top protector (that doesn’t surround the whole mattress) as the breathable membrane is not as breathable as the mattress ticking. The tradeoff here is that the encasement offers more protection from the “nasties” (particularly bed bugs) and allergens if this is a concern for you.


Thanks for your help. My cousin has one already I found out and he said its big, its suppose to fit up to 22 inches however my bed is only a 9inch latex. In terms of breathability, is it bad that its fully encased? it actually comes in 2 separate parts, a top portion and a bottom portion that has a full zipper. I can just only put on the top portion and not put the bottom portion at all…would that be recommended? The beg bugs doesnt really scare me because its a latex bed and it shouldnt have any bed bugs right?

Hi lasdj,

I am also not as concerned about bedbugs as they are not a real issue where I live and with a latex mattress, allergens are also not as big an issue so with this in mind … I personally would choose slightly more breathability with a non enclosing protector rather than a full encasement. In the end though they are both good choices and what is important to each person … even if it is subjective preferences … would be the way to go. Latex naturally repels bed bugs but IMO there is nothing that is completely “bed bug proof” as they can “hide” in many places, even in the seams of a mattress.

So its not an issue of bad or good but more of preferences and tradeoffs between two good choices. I’m not sure how well using just the top part of the encasement would work because I don’t know if it would be securely attached to the mattress without being zipped to the bottom part. I like having the top removable part though (if you go in the encasement direction) as it makes it possible to remove the top for washing without the hassle of removing and replacing the whole thing around the entire mattress.


I see, so if I was looking for something more breathable which one should I be looking at? I want to make sure it doesnt make any noise when we’re moving on the bed and want to make sure its waterproof. there were some I read reviews for said that it made crinky noise when moving or its not really waterproof where it still leaked through the protector.


Hi Lasdj,

Most of the major brands that use the same technology use very similar membranes. The differences in prices besides the natural differences between brands and sources is often about the quality of the material that is bonded to the waterproof/breathable membrane and whether it has material on both sides. You can get these in versions which surround the mattress or in versions which go on top and tuck under the mattress like a fitted sheet (which would let a little more air into the mattress which would be my preference unless of course protection from allergens like bedbugs or dust mites is important)

There are links in post #4 of this thread to a few examples of similar brands and to some of the tradeoffs involved in your choices. Most of the newer models using good material and a quality membrane aren’t noisy like the old vinyl protectors (like the ones that go on children’s beds) which are more waterproof but not breathable and tend to sleep hot.

If you are looking at various options that all seem to have similar features (a breathable/waterproof membrane and similar quality material), then I would make my choice based on price.