Phoenix, what mattress and base do you use


What mattress and foundation do you have?

Hi sammie,

I get this question every so often, and the answer is of course not an endorsement of any brand or product, nor should be used as guidance for the appropriateness of these products for anyone else.

I designed my own mattress and had it built by a local manufacturer in Dallas who is one of the members of this site but is not exactly local to me (I’m in the pacific northwest ). It’s out of the “range” of what would be normal for most people and there was really no chance to make adjustments to it after purchase because it’s not a DIY with layers that can be exchanged or a zip cover and the cost of shipping a whole mattress across the country and back would have been prohibitive … so I needed to be pretty confident that I would “get it right”.

The mattress itself is a two sided construction with a middle core of 4" of Talalay latex with an ILD @ 28. Both sides of this have a 3" layer of @ 22 ILD. The ticking and quilting is a Belgian damask which is quilted with a layer of .4" quiltable latex and a down substitute fiber (apparently from Italy) on both sides. The fire retardant is an inherent viscose fiber.

This is a mattress that for most people would be too soft but our extensive testing individually and together showed that we both tended to sink into softer layers more evenly (good alignment) and could get away with it.

Some pictures (with some rather poor bedroom lighting) are here .

My power foundation is a Reverie Deluxe.


Hi thanks for the idea!