Pillows to help with headaches

Perhaps tangential to mattress discussion, but here goes… While looking for a new latex mattress, I’ve had a chance to try out plenty of pillows as well. I recently decided to go with a latex mattress (Sleep Ez 10000) and have been wondering what people’s experience has been with latex pillows.

I seem to wake up with headaches frequently (probably caused by pillows too firm or too flat), and I’ve concluded that a new type of pillow is in order. I’d love to get some advice or recommendations of types of pillows to use or avoid. Thanks!

Hi ben1,

Each person’s experience on the same pillow can be very different and the “right” pillow for each person can be more subjective and preference based than a mattress.

There’s a lot more information and feedback about pillows from forum members in the pillow thread here and the additional posts and threads it links to in the third post of the thread.

I personally have two latex pillows which I like and work well for me. One is a zoned high loft plush and the other is a shredded latex pillow which I currently sleep on and is my current favorite (although my pillow preferences also change from time to time). My other half sleeps on a memory foam pillow which is height adjustable which is her favorite and seems to work best for her.

There could be many reasons that a pillow may cause a headache ranging from a pillow that isn’t keeping your head and neck in good alignment in all your sleeping positions, a sensitivity to the material, or even for some people that are more sensitive the actual smell of a pillow (regardless of whether the smell is actually harmful) but I think it would be fair to say that the most likely cause to the degree that a pillow is a contributing cause of headaches would be an alignment issue.