PJ's Sleep Mattress vs OMI or Diamond

Has anyone bought the IVY Organics Cushion Firm mattress from PJ’s Sleep Company in LA? How would you compare it to an OMI Lago or a Diamond Nature Firm?

Hi GH,

The only meaningful way to compare the overall quality and value different mattresses is to compare all the materials and components that are in each of them and this along with the benefits of dealing with each retailer will help you decide which is closest to your own “personal value equation”.

The retailers you are dealing with should provide you with the details of all the layers of each mattress they sell (or call the manufacturer if they don’t know them).

The general description of the Ivy Organics is here but it’s missing the thickness of the latex layers. they say it’s certified organic latex which would mean that it’s Dunlop made by Latex Green (which is the only certified organic latex currently available). You can read a little more about this in post #6 here. All of the materials they list are good quality but without knowing the thickness of the latex layers you can’t really compare it with other latex mattresses.

The description of the OMI Lago is here and as you can see it has 9" of 100% natural Talalay latex with a cotton wool quilted cover. It can also be customized by choosing different latex firmness levels. Organicpedic (OMI) is also a certified organic factory if that is an important issue for you although the latex itself is not organic. They tend to be significantly more costly than other mattresses that use similar materials but all the materials are all good quality.

I’m guessing that you are looking at the Diamond Ethos Nurture (not Nature) which is listed here? If this is the case then if you click the details they list the layers as 6" of Talalay latex (they don’t say if this is 100% natural or the blended version) and also have a cotton cover quilted with wool (7 lbs). These are also high quality materials.

All of these use good quality materials and there are no “weak links” in any of them and if you can list the layering information of the Pj’s Organic here, the type of Talalay latex in the Diamond Ethos and the prices for each mattress (mattress only) and the size you are looking at then I’d be happy to give you my thoughts on how they compare in terms of quality and value. Of course only you can know how they compare in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and personal preferences) which is just as important a part of a mattress purchase and it’s value to you.