Place to sell mattress related stuff?

Hey everybody!

After purchasing my bed I ended up with an extra layer for a mattress that I do no need. Its brand new and unused. I’d like to sell it but I am not sure where an appropriate place is to do this. Is the a forum for buy/sell? I listed it on craigslist, but I’d love to find a forum of people who are specifically looking for DIY mattresses and/or latex mattresses.



Hi Mike S,

While it’s not the main purpose of the forum of course … a buy sell section is one of the future additions I am considering adding to the forum (when some of the other projects and additions I’m working on are completed) but in the meantime I have no problem at all if it’s a personal item (rather than a business that is using the forum as an advertising medium) and you list it in the main forum for now.

We’ll see how it goes and whether there is some interest (in the idea).

It may be a good idea to put “for sale” and a general description in the heading so that it’s easier to find.


What mattress related stuff do you have? Thanks.

Ok, I’ll list it. Thanks!

Hi Phoenix. I received a warranty replacement on a very high end Beautyrest Queen Black Plush Pillow Top mattress that was slept in once but it is still not comfortable for my back which is severely damaged Thoracic spine, Cervical spine, etc. Anyway, the Mattress is about $3800 retail and I know I’m not going to get that but if I could get about $2200 or so that would be wonderful. Do you think that may be possible to list it on the forum given the price range? I just did a google search and found this community and was always taught it can’t hurt to ask. Thank you for this wonderful community. BTW I just got the mattress at the end of January and it was manufactured on January 13 2023 and has a 5 year warranty and made with Inner Springs and has all of the original manufacturers tags still attached and comes with a brand new 18" deep pocket Fitted Sheet 750 TC Egyptian Cotton which is brand new and was only slept on once for half a night…

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have would be truly appreciated as I also have numerous pictures of the mattress as well as the fitter sheet (which cost approx $100) Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else interested. I have it listed on ebay, FB, and CL and live in Olney, MD and it’s local pick up from my home. Thank you for letting my write to you and I sincerely hope this finds you well.