Planning a purchase from My Green Mattress (IL) - seeking advice


I am looking to buy a new mattress and have decided on the Everlast Pocketed Coil Mattress (w/ latex topper) from My Green Mattress. I have tried the mattress in the showroom and am having a very hard time deciding between the firm talalay (40 ild) and medium talalay (32 ild) topper. I spent an inordinate amount of time lying (alternating) on both toppers. There was a noticeable difference between them, but both actually felt very good. I truly believe my ideal firmness would be right in-between the 40 ild and 32 ild.

So just posing a question in case any member might have experience with this particular mattress from My Green Mattress. I’m hoping to hear of any first hand experience on how the feel of the latex topper “breaks in” over time. I’m leaning towards getting the firmer topper with the thought that it would - hopefully just slightly - soften over time.

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this topic - thank you very much for your time and advice.

Best Regards

Hi hiyochi,

I would keep in mind that some other people’s perception of softness and firmness may be very different from yours (based on body type, sleeping positions, and personal sensitivity and preferences) so I would trust the “accuracy” of your own testing and perceptions more than other people’s experience.

All new mattresses will break in to some degree as foams lose some of their “false firmness”, the cover stretches and loses some of its initial stiffness, and any fiber materials settle and become a little firmer, but latex will soften less than any other foam material and the mattresses in the store are probably already broken in (although they could confirm this) so I would make your choice based on what you feel in the store and wouldn’t take any further foam softening into account.