Platform bed recommendations the same for Memory Foam as Latex?

I just recently purchased a memory foam mattress from Selectfoam and am trying to find an appropriate platform bed. I have read the recommendations of having less than a 3" gap between slats, though this seems to be in reference to latex mattresses. I searched but couldn’t really find anything specific to memory foam. Should I follow the same guidelines as latex? Thanks!

Hi tello,

Memory foam mattresses have a firm polyfoam support core which is less flexible and “stiffer” than latex and is less likely to sink into any gaps in the support system underneath it so having wider gaps in a slatted platform bedframe (up to about 5" or so) would generally be fine as long as it has a center support beam with good support to the floor (generally a minimum of one leg for a queen or two for a king). Smaller gaps would still be better because they will be more evenly supportive and stronger and would generally have less flex under the mattress. It will also depend to some degree on the specifics of the mattress so it’s also a good idea to check with the manufacturer of your mattress to make sure that any support system you are using meets their warranty criteria.