PLB Beautiful vs Sleep EZ

After a lot of issues with our limited experience with the Tempurpedic Cloud Lux, we want to go with a latex mattress. We love the feel of the Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful with the 3" Talalay topper. We do not, however, like the price quoted locally. We have found it at a few retailers online, quite a bit cheaper (,, Do you have any experience with these retailers? Also, I am concerned with Healthy Back’s version that uses Celsion. I don’t know much about this material. (And since we had issues with the material in Tempurpedic, I am not sure it would be a good choice.) All that said, I have also looked into Sleep EZ. They seem to offer great prices. I am just not sure where to begin, and the idea of purchasing something site unseen is a bit uncomfortable. Any suggestions on getting something close to the Beautiful’s feel? One last thing, I like the cover on the PLB. I was looking at the 13000 at Sleep EZ, but it seems to have a quilted cover with wool. Is that the only option? I like the no fire retardant aspect, but am unsure about wool. (think I could possibly have an MILD allergy- eyes seem to bother me when my husband wears wool suit) Thank you so much for any info!

Hi kbarrera,

I don’t have any specific experience with these retailers except for Healthy Back who I have found to be very helpful and forthcoming about their products when I have called and talked with them. They have many outlets so some may be more helpful than others but the “culture” there seems to be good.

Celsion latex (click on Celsion) is a slightly more expensive version of Talalay latex made by the same manufacturer (Latex International) and adds phase change materials (like some mattress ticking materials) which both store excess heat and release it when needed to regulate temperature. While most people do well in terms of temperature regulation with regular Talalay latex because of it’s breathability, Celsion has slightly higher temperature regulating abilities for those who need it. It would typically be used in the top foam layer of a mattress closest to the heat of a sleepers body. It’s a very high quality material but isn’t available in as many firmness varieties as regular blended Talalay latex. It would justify a slightly higher price than “regular” blended Talalay for those who wished to use it in their mattress.

SleepEz … like other smaller factory direct manufacturers … offers the same quality materials in their mattresses but they have a more standardized choice of firmness levels and layer thickness (although most will also special order as well). This means that while you could get “close” to the feel of a mattress like PLB, it wouldn’t be exactly the same. 14 ILD latex that is used in the topper is also ultra soft and added to a thicker comfort layer that is also soft (such as 19 ILD in the PLB) I would make sure that your alignment needs are being met (although with latex the odds are better that you may get away with comfort layers that are that thick and soft depending you your height, weight, body shape, and sleeping positions). Your experience with PLB can be a very helpful guideline though for the type of layering that may be best for you and there is no doubt that SleepEz has far better value.

In addition to their wool quilted latex ticking, they also offer a very high quality unquilted cover without the wool. A picture of it is in post #76 here although the lighting is bad and the actual color is off white.

With an unquilted cover … if you do decide to add wool for temperature regulation … then you have the option of using a wool mattress pad on top of the mattress. Wool is mostly a contact allergy (or sensitivity) so you may be OK with it under the ticking and sheets but at least this way you would have the option.

Another option of course would be if you have a local manufacturer near you that makes latex mattresses. This might also give you much better value than the PLB and the ability to lie on the mattress before you bought it as well. If you let me know the city you live in I’d be happy to take a look and see if I know of any that are near you.


THANK YOU so much for all of the info. I truly appreciate it. We are in Corpus Christi, TX.

Hi kbarrera,

There are two factory direct manufacturers in Corpus Christi that I know of. These are a local manufacturer with outlets in San Antonio and Corpus Christi who make a complete range of mattresses of all types including custom layering.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress St George, UT. They are a regional manufacturer that makes a wide range of mattresses including innersprings and their iChoice models which include a “mostly latex” and a latex/memory foam hybrid. They are transparent about the materials they use in their mattresses and are good quality/value compared to most mainstream choices. I would avoid the major brands they also carry.

I would certainly look at these first.