PLB hybrid 3.0 with active fusion sleeps too hot why?

I have a new celebrate hybrid 3.0 pure latex bliss with active fusion. my wife and I both feel too hot and wake up. Any ideas how to make it cooler or will it change after it is "broken in?"I have a required stain and moisture proof cover, a fitted sheet and top sheet, with only a light comforter on top, which usually is thrown off shortly after going to bed.

Hi tm,

Post #2 here may give you some insights into the reasons why your Celebrate is sleeping warmer for you.

Sleeping temperature can be the result of a combination of factors that work either for or against temperature regulation but besides factors that may be connected with your environment or your own body or circumstances … the most likely candidates based on your comments would be one or more of …

  1. The protector you are using (the thinner membrane types are less breathable than either stretch cotton or wool)

  2. The material in your sheets (natural fibers like cotton or linen or semi synthetic fabrics like bamboo tend to be cooler than polyester or synthetic blends).

  3. The thickness and softness of your comfort layers. Even though Talalay latex is more breathable than other types of foam … if you are sinking in more deeply to comfort layers that are are fairly thick and soft (5" in the case of the Celebrate) then any foam will act as an insulator to some degree … especially with a less breathable protector or sheets over it.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

I may try to find something to put on top of the protector to add some breathability.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi tm,

Wool and silk are both very breathable and would make good options but a natural fiber mattress pad or topper will also affect the feel and performance of your mattress (thicker will affect it more) and you would still have the “semi breathable” layer in between. You can read more about mattress pads in post #10 here.

Post #89 here talks about the different types of protectors … replacing the one you have for a more breathable type may be an option.

What kind of sheets do you have?


Ha, fooled me. I assumed that most/all sheets were cotton. The ones I am using happen to be polyester. That may explain why they are so noisy.

I just bought latex pillows also. They seem to make my face sweat. We are using the poly pillow covers, too.

Will try switching to all cotton.

I did try a memory foam mattress pad that had slept cool in the past and it helped. I will try to buy some kind of topper that is bamboo or wool to get some air flow.