PLB vs SleepEZ

Hey all. New here. After weeks of reading the forums I’ve narrowed my choices down to PLB beautiful or a soft soft med build in the SleepEZ. Any input? I think part of the draw to the PLB is they are so pretty. Terrible to admit, I know. :wink: Are the SleepEZ as nice? Hard to tell from their site.
I plan on using it on an adjustable base. I have fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity and spen about 16hrs a day in bed.
Thanks for Ideas and input! This forum is fantastic!

Hi Mousehouse,

The PLB do have very nice covers but SleepEz also has an unquilted cover which I believe is even nicer which can be chosen as an alternative to their wool quilted cover. You can see a picture of it here although this was taken in poor lighting and it’s much lighter than it shows (off white). Several people have commented that they believe it’s nicer than the PLB.

I would also take the time to talk with Shawn about your special needs because they can order softer latex for you if you think it’s necessary (and this would probably be a good idea in your case). The different PLB models all use 19 ILD talalay in the upper layers and the SleepEz “standard” soft is 22-24 ILD. shawn would also give you some good guidance about the various options that may work for you. Perhaps it may be wise to even consider a supersoft over a soft. This would normally be quite risky in terms of alignment but because of your need for more extreme pressure relief it may be the best choice even at the risk of less support.

In terms of the rest of the mattress … both PLB and SleepEz use the same materials inside although the layer ILD’s and thickness may be different depending on the model. The other benefit to SleepEz of course … especially if you haven’t actually tried a PLB … is that you can re-arrange or even exchange layers and with the PLB you can’t.