Please help...I'm more confused than ever!

My husband and I started looking at beds. We live in the middle of nowhere…Troy, MT. We went to the closest “big city”, Kalispell, MT and looked at mattresses but now we are even more confused. We have always had innerspring mattresses but my husband laid on memory foam ones and liked them. He has lumbar spine issues from a motorcycle accident when he was 16. I would like to get a high quality bed that will last more then 5 years that is comfortable for me to sleep on and helps his back pain, as far as I can tell the stores near us only sell the major name brands that you recommend staying away from. Any help or direction that you can point me in would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Desireenicole311,

As you mentioned Troy, MT is somewhat of a desert in terms of mattresses :unsure:

If I was in Troy, MT I would probably head in the other direction to Coeur d’Alene which is only a little further away than Kalispell. You can see some of the better options and possibilities there that I’m aware of (updated today) listed in post #4 here. Is in Libby, MT but when I talked with them they only carry Serta (which I would avoid) and some of the lower end promotional mattresses made by Northwest Bedding in Spokane. He was knowledgeable about mattresses and the industry and he is about to start carrying some of the higher quality mattresses made by Northwest Bedding in the next few weeks so this may be a reasonable option to include in your research when that happens.

Hope this helps a bit.


Would like suggestions for Cornelius, NC 28031, please.

Hi tink,

I switched your post to a new thread so it wouldn’t get mixed up with the other one (and the city would be easier for others to find).

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of within reasonable driving distance of you are in the Charlotte, NC thread in post #2 here.