Please help - looking to buy a safe, nontoxic mattress for my 4 year old ASAP

Hi there,

We just moved into a new house and we were in a rush to buy a mattress for our 4 year old. It wasn’t until my husband came back from the store today that I realized we made a mistake. Only hours after bringing the new mattress inside I started feeling the effects of the fumes. Ugh! Of course, we bought an organic, non toxic crib mattress when she was born, but totally overlooked this buying her “big girl” mattress. Now I am looking to buy a replacement to swap out the one we bought today (and that she’s sleeping on now since we made such a fuss about it to her to get her excited about switching beds :frowning:
There are so many options that I need some help in quickly narrowing it down. Our criteria is…

  • nontoxic (doesn’t have to be organic)
  • will last her a long time
  • affordable as possible since we just wasted our money on the toxic mattress

Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Hi Rmilbank,

Post #2 here includes links to some of the better forum threads and posts about children and mattresses and should be helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks for the links - lots of helpful info!!! So it looks like these are the least expensive options. Any thoughts on which is better, healthier, longer lasting, etc…

They have a special on the Roma, $495

My green mattress
Pure echo, $494 or the two sided for $554 which the sales rep said is worth the extra money

A store within driving distance
They have a twin Naturepedic set on sale for $500 (although I only need the mattress, but since it’s the floor model they are only selling as a set)

Another store close by, Sarasota Mattress Store
I spoke with a man there who said he had a mattress for $399 without chemicals. Seemed very nice, but didn’t mention the brand. Think he said it was a innerspring mattress with a chemical free fire barrier. Probably should have asked more questions…

Any other inexpensive options that you know of?

Thanks for any input!!!

Hi Rmilbank,

You are certainly looking at some good options.

Both of these are great value and would be among the better options that are mentioned in the children’s threads I linked but they have different designs that are more of an apples to oranges comparison. You would be comparing “good vs good” and I don’t think you could go wrong with either of them in terms of quality, durability, or value so any final choice between them would depend on the parts of your personal value equation that were most important to you and which one you were most attracted to for personal reasons. I also agree that the upgrade to the Pure Echo two sided version would be well worth the extra cost.

I would need to know the specifics of what was inside this mattress to make any meaningful comments about it (see here) because the name of the manufacturer or the “regular” selling price aren’t nearly as important as how it compares to your other finalists.

Again … I would need to know the specifics of what was inside the mattress to make any meaningful comments about it. A “chemical free” fire barrier (which all of your other options would have as well) doesn’t mean the materials inside it are good quality or that it would be good “value” … especially if it’s made with lower density polyfoam.

Outside of any local options that may be available to you … some of the lower budget latex or latex hybrid options (including SleepEz and Mygreenmattress) I know of are in post #3 and #4 here.


I would give the folks at Our Manufacturer Memberships :: The Mattress Underground a call. They started their business because they faced the same issues with their own kids.

They are located very close to my home so I was able to stop by to test their products. Very nice people with a great product at a great price. At this point I have only purchased a couple pillows but as soon as I can get my wife on board we will be making a mattress purchase.

BTW, don’t let the DIY scare you. It doesn’t have to be a DIY project unless you want it to be.