Please help me identify this Mattress!

I bought this mattress (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) from a mom and pop furniture store in NY thats no longer in business.

I’m in the market for a bigger bed and would like to see if I can sell this Mattress but I can’t find any references to it online.

It has Crown logo’s throughout. One emblem on the Mattress says “Hotel Collection Pillow Pedic Penthouse” and the tag mentions something about “American Eagle Furniture”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am thinking it is this one:

After a few different searches on Google I came across it. I pulled the image from the website to Irfanfiew (attached), and zoomed the view, and it appears this one has the same “crown” quilting. If this is it, it was made by Primo, probably “white label” for someone else. However many companies use a small group of suppliers for their quilting so it just may be a coincidence. May be worth contacting them though. Their main website is:

It looks like they at one point made a penthouse line of mattresses for consumer markets as opposed to hospitality.

Edit: Actually check out this link: If you choose “mattress” from the menu on the left they make a model called the "Penthouse and one called the “Pillow Pedic” #37 and #40. You have to scroll through the different models on the top after choosing to view mattresses. Good possibility they are the mystery manufacturer.

Edit 2Sorry last edit. If you look at their above site,, and click on “Retail Partners”, one is listed called “American Furniture Warehouse”. Similar to American Eagle. Looks like they produce a lot of mattresses, on a white label basis, for different retail outlets. They don’t say what materials are used however…

Good Luck!

A million thank you’s. I appreciate your time and effort! Happy new year!

Hi cj011280,

I suspect your mystery is solved!


Nice detective work :slight_smile:

It also fits because Primo is manufactured in China.

Just as a further reference … the website for American Eagle furniture is here

They don’t currently list any mattresses but they used to sell them as you can see here (although the links to their models weren’t archived).